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8 expert tips for all hair types

Hair has so many changing factors, no one piece of advice is right for all. Case in point? When to brush hair. For the longest time, I think I need to brush my hair dry. This is because wet hair becomes fluffy and fragile, and is more prone to stretching and breaking. (“Hair is very elastic when wet” Clay Nielsen, a famous hair care specialist and stylist, previously told us about wet hairAnd here’s the problem: For hairstyles with straight or loose waves, this advice is correct – you should remove the hair separator when your hair is dry rather than wet hair.

But what about those with curls? We’d better take it off in the bathroom with loads of conditioner. “Never brush dry hair,” Branch said. Clean scalp and hair in warm water to remove dirt, perspiration and build up product, then rinse off, then conditioner, “says Branch. “Use conditioner to gently untangle your hair. Train patience, kindness and use your fingers and / or a wide tooth comb.”



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