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81% of Italians support vaccines, 7.5% don’t want them – Chronicles

7.5% of the Italian population is determined to not vaccinate against Covid. On the other hand, 73.3% of Italians decided to support vaccines and added those who wanted to be able to choose which vaccines to inject, which increased to a total of 80.9%. Then there is 9.9% complexity. This is what emerged from a study conducted by the Italian Health Foundation, conducted by Sociometrica, to detect the Italian trend of anti-Covid vaccination.

Among those who rejected the vaccine, one note said, women have a slight advantage over men; they are between 46 and 55 years old and are residents of the Northeastern region compared to the rest of the country (12.2%). If we add in these people suspicions about vaccination, we find that nearly one in four people in the 26-35 year olds and 46-55 age groups is suspicious. The study also shows that, from an educational perspective, those who do not intend to be vaccinated often have a low level of education, 12%, while in the graduating and graduating group this proportion is still around 7. %.

“Doubt and denial prevail in people in good health – Federico Gelli, president of the Italian Medical Organization, commented -. For vaccinations, we have to deal with a significant number of people. People are still skeptical, if not completely opposed. Consequently, convincing them will be the basis for the success of the immunization campaign and achieving community immunity. ”

Cirio: ‘The stock is running low, we are waiting for delivery’ – “Our stockpiles are running out again. We are looking forward to the expected deliveries this week, as Piedmont is ready to vaccinate 40,000 people a day. We need ammunition.” So on Facebook, Governor Alberto Cirio, on the occasion of Moncalieri’s visit to the new center established by the City with the ASL To5 at the old Foro Boario. “We continue to strengthen our army of vaccines, where” family doctors work alongside medical staff, with the capacity of up to 900 injections per day, “he said.


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