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9 dinner recipes for one person when you go alone in the evening

I never lived alone in my 20s. I went from college to graduate room, to live with my boyfriend, who later became my husband. Even so, there are occasions when I fly alone so I am constantly on the hunt for delicious food dinner recipes for one.

It’s no regrets, but I really wonder what it would be like to be a young professional living alone, even for a few months. My friends direct solo love it. Their home is their sanctuary – that is peaceful and its quiet and every inch of it exactly the way they want it.

But there’s one aspect they all seem to struggle with: cooking for one person.

I don’t blame them. Efficiently shopping for groceries is a challenge no matter how many mouths you are feeding, but purchasing products when only you seems particularly difficult. You can buy a bunch of vegetables, just let half of them go bad for the weekend, or you scale back, commit to eating the same thing every day. So what should a home cook do?

We’d love to hear your tips on how you handle this modern conundrum, but in the meantime we share the nine dishes below that we think are the perfect dinner recipes. for one person. Enjoy your meal!

Nothing tastes better than this flaky, beautiful tomato tart. It’s easy to whip together thanks to the frozen puff cake and it’s light weight and filling like it’s light.

Take it for lunch, dinner or both! Whatever you do, just don’t let it go. As far as one-time dinner recipes, this is a healthy and delicious option you’ll crave for months to come.

Looking to keep it fresh and healthy? This one-person grilled salmon dinner recipe is not only simple and delicious, it is also a great reason to go to see a fish vendor in your neighborhood and support a local business.

I find it impossible to get past a loaf of fresh bread before it stains when I’m alone. And believe me, I do my best with main bread whenever possible. A Panzanella is the perfect way to use up the tough starters and make some toast for this delicious salad.

Being simple and not fussy doesn’t mean a lack of flavor. This buttery toast is just as delicious.

I love the dinner salad on a hot summer night. This recipe isn’t overly complicated but is still a complete and delicious alternative on nights when you don’t want or need to organize a big meal.

You will think you’re in a fine French restaurant while enjoying this hearty fish dinner. Treat yourself to your favorite Grigio pinot and enjoy every bite of this easy-to-make recipe.

You won’t be able to get this delicious and delicious bowl full of side dishes. It’s plump, hearty, and incredibly tasty while also being very healthy and nutritious.

One reason was that Camille went to dinner while she was flying alone. It couldn’t be easier to make and it’s packed with flavors, nutrients and make you feel full and satisfied.

This post was originally published May 12, 2020, and has since been updated.



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