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9 strategies Empaths can use to keep their energy balance

Humans have physical bodies, and they also have energy bodies. Empaths are people whose bodies are very sensitive and easy to absorb energy. Therefore, they tend to absorb the energies and emotions of others, groups of people, and collective cultural energy.

The whole world has undergone great changes and transformations in this new decade, and there have been many collective injury. Although compassionate people want to be of service to others and stay informed of what’s going on in the world, they also need to take extra care of their own energy fields in order to maintain balance in the world. these stressful times. The following tips will be helpful!

Before you dive in, you can practice using it strong natural intuition to decide which energy balance proposition might be most useful to you right now. Ask your intuition for a number from 1 to 9, verbally, visually or thought. You can also feel each number and see which one has the strongest energy for you right now:



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