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A military officer sued Virginia police for violent stopping

Police in the small town of Windsor, Virginia, have become the focus of the nation’s attention after being attacked by an Army officer, Black and Latino, in a lawsuit following a car stop last December. .

In the video camera body and cell phone, Army Lieutenant Caron Nazario, still in uniform, can be seen with his hand from the window of his new car.

“I have committed no crime,” said Nazario.

When two Windsor police officers ordered him out, he said, “To be honest, I’m afraid to go out.”

“Yes man, you should,” replied one officer.

In the video, Nazario repeatedly asked why he was dragged over, and one of the policemen sprayed pepper and kicked him. He was then handcuffed while the police searched his car.

Nazario asked, “Why am I being treated like that? Why?”

“Because you don’t cooperate,” replied one officer.

Attorney Jonathan Arthur, who is representing Nazario in a lawsuit filed earlier this month against two officers, said he feared if he let his hands go out of sight, something bad would happen.

“Buckle up, do anything, any mistake – he’s afraid they’ll kill him,” said Arthur.

Nazario was initially dismissed for not having a display tag on his SUV, but the temporary dealer number plate was visible in the police officer video, the incident report said.

Nazario was released without charges.

“What prompted him to apply is the need to stop the behavior,” said Arthur. “It is important to hold these two officers accountable and make sure they cannot do it again.”

The Windsor Police Department did not respond to a request for comment from CBS News.



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