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A national cybersecurity agency was born, the draft includes 19 articles – Politics

The National Cyber ​​Security Administration (Acn) arrives, a state agency with management, administrative, organizational and organizational autonomy. This is to be expected in a draft of 19 articles, with details still incomplete and subject to change, of the proposed cybersecurity decree in the CDM. The Prime Minister has “top leadership and overall responsibility for cybersecurity policies, including the protection of national security” and appointed ACN’s director-general. The Inter-Ministerial Committee on Cybersecurity and Nuclear Cybersecurity was also established in this Agency with the support of the Prime Minister.

The government tightened the Special Agency on Cybersecurity, the object of the control room at Palazzo Chigi, in which, in addition to Deputy Minister of Service Franco Gabrielli, ministers Lorenzo Guerini, Stefano Patuanelli, Maria Stella Gelmini, Giancarlo Giorgetti and Roberto Speranza participated. The Cyber ​​Security Agency proposal has been forwarded to Copasir in the last few hours. According to congressional sources, the Parliament’s Committee on Public Safety has not formally asked the government to consider the proposal for some time. After receiving the opinion of Copasir, the decree establishing the body will be ready. The Council of Ministers called for the green light to be held in the coming days.

Meanwhile, a hearing in Copasir by the Security Authorized Body of the Republic, Franco Gabrielli, is scheduled for 8:45 a.m. tomorrow. A decree establishing a new Cybersecurity Authority, expected to be included in the CDM soon, is under review. The commission, called to express opinions on the text, may ask the Deputy Minister for clarification on the new agency redesigning the architecture of Italy’s defenses against cyberthreats. According to Gabrielli, the country has a fragility “due to a lack of risk awareness, a lack of culture on these issues: unfortunately we arrived very late and we had to move very quickly”.

“Tomorrow we will go into the details of the text “on the cybersecurity agency”, ready to contribute our contribution, also through the 4 seminars that we held in June and will be concluded discussed directly by the country secretary Letta, both to fulfill European obligations, and above all to ensure that the infrastructures involved in the implementation of investments are enabled and guaranteed by The Recovery Plan, the private partnership represents a proposal from the Democrats that has been accepted and for us constitutes a positive evaluation element.This was approved by Enrico Borghi, Democratic deputy and DEM secretariat member, stated by phone.



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