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A neuroscientist on why you don’t really live in the moment

When it comes to mindfulness meditation, Leaf shares that our ability to maintain a state of presence has its limits: “Exercising deliberately, trying to be in the present for a few moments, is one. Very good practice for mind development, but it’s not the solution to chaos management. “

Instead, she recommends embracing the full context of your past, present, and future – not avoiding it. She notes, “You have a story, you have a story, you’re responding in the moment because everything else is about you.” Basically, your present reality stems from your life stories – so don’t ignore them; make sense of them!

Terms how, she introduces a five-step brain-building process (including gathering, reflecting, writing, re-cognizing and approaching positively – find a complete guide here). “It takes time to get to the point where you train yourself to approach that,” she notes, “but these five steps train you to achieve that ‘wise mind’ so you can put present, past and future in context. “



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