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A new ambition for a national agenda

What about the role of countries after the pandemic? Things will not be the same in most countries, both socially and economically. First, various social movements will try to show the authorities, and the world to see a growing economic gap in society. Some leaders have proposed a new social and economic agenda, but the COVID crisis has put everything in question.

The nations of the world hope for a new agenda of growth and competitiveness that underpins a new contract between the state and civil society. This new ambition is a fruitful commitment to a hopeful future, but at the same time a confirmation that value creation will be the right goal in this new era.

The tendency of the crisis in most countries is a consequence of the lack of strategic capacity of public agencies to mobilize civil society towards a contract of value based on effective interaction. of the competent centers. Most countries have the necessary conditions to once again be an example of social innovation and the competitiveness of their people because of the commitment of their people.

Nations must be seen, not countries of the past, but countries of a very intelligent people who are dedicated to an ambition of excellence. The example of the new University Paris-Saclay – expected to be the European version of MIT – is a good beacon for this ambition, but it lacks strategic consistency.

Most countries are also combinations of different traditions that create a context and a concept for a particular identity. From the sea to the mountains, comprising highly dynamic cities and public spaces, countries will increasingly become the starting points for a new agenda of a complex, multilateral world. The answer that countries give to this complicated age will be the answer that all of us as global citizens will face. The future is built on the present that respects the values ​​that follow in the history of the world.

Most countries have a unique identity based on their strong culture. Culture is a unique asset. Most countries must be able to engage other global partners in building integration projects that focus on cultural development as a driving force for development.

Cultural re-cultural itself is a very creative way of engaging different actors in a project for the future. The economy also faces strong challenges. Most companies are facing stronger competition in a very innovative and demanding world. That is why the need for a new agenda is urgent and must be supported by countries around the world.

We need a new ambition for a nation’s agenda. This is the starting point for citizens and institutions. People know who they are and have a strong commitment to the values ​​of freedom, social justice and development. This is the reason to believe that this innovation of nations is not just a possibility, it is the need of individuals and collectively to reinvent the concepts of citizenship.



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