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A place for knitting and healing on park slopes – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – String Thing Studio Not your grandmother’s yarn store.

“It could be you, your grandmother and your 10-year-old niece’s yarn shop,” says owner Felicia Eve. “We have a lawyer. We have doctors. We have police officers ”.

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Felicia never imagined she would weave a career out of silk.

As a pediatrician, she has been practicing for about a decade. But when Sharon Thomas’s mother passed away in 2015, the grief overwhelmed.

“I think I was paralyzed. But I’ve been knitting the whole time over there. It’s the kind of thing that preserves my life. I woke up, took my kids to school, and I sat on the couch and knitting. If I do nothing else, I will sit on that bench, and I will knit. And then a friend of mine told me one day, ‘You need something. You need something to pull you out of the fun. Your mother won’t want you to do that. ‘And she was right,’ she said.

String Thing has become something.

Coincidentally, the store bore the initials of her deceased mother.

“She is in every step of everything here,” Felicia said.

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For Felicia, knitting is a gateway to healing.

“That is meditation. That’s a prayer, ”she said. “I like my staples. I love the way the fabric slides through my hand. “

She is someone who believes in its calming effects.

“From the physician’s point of view, it produces a hormone that is very calming for humans. So the pandemic has spawned a lot of new knitwear, crochet and felt needles and you can name it, ”she said. “People use it like that, to be able to express the common pain and longing we all have right now.”

Before the pandemic, classes and in-store events forged a strong bond in her knitting community. But even in this socially distant era, first-time visitors often go for a walk with new friends.

“I just feel really proud that this space has become the kind of gathering space for people,” she said. “They feel at home when they get here.”

String Thing Studio
54 Avenue 7
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(929) 337-6130

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