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A Renaissance Workshop in Val Pusteria – Culture & Agenda

(ANSA) – ROME, April 22 – A Renaissance art studio in the heart of the Pusteria Valley. It was created by Michaela Pircher, descended from a famous family of hoteliers in the area who spent most of her life studying the art of weaving in Tuscany. After years of living between Livorno and Florence, Michaela, 57, thanks also to Covid, decided to return to her hometown, Villabassa, a small town in the heart of Val Pusteria, in South Tyrol, a few kilometers from Dobbiaco., to open a kind of ‘dignified laboratory’ exclusively for fabrics.
And he created it, giving it the structure of a typical Renaissance studio, part dedicated to teaching and part for production, taking it from the foundations of renaissance. What, between the late 70s and early ’80s, was the most popular restaurant in the area: ‘The Friedlerhof’. Thanks to the help of his sister Barbara and brother-in-law Gunther, he cleaned every room of this restaurant, which has been closed for more than 20 years, owned by the City, and made it a place of worship of art. weave. On the walls, panels are carefully crafted to explain how admirable artifacts can be obtained from a hemp yarn or from wool. And on the ground floor furniture, including the former counter, all the various objects Michaela has managed to produce and for her young students are made of “flutter” felt, wool, and silk. . Yes, because this weaver is very attentive to the ‘sustainability’ of the raw materials and since living in Livorno she has raised silkworms after planting “more than 15 mulberry trees”. But he always chooses to process the precious thread only after the beetle turns into a butterfly, to avoid an unnecessary massacre.
Michaela Pircher, in fact, from deep propagation to fabric production follow every step of the weaving process with the expertise of a true artisan. And the same goes for wool. She buys sheep’s fresh fleece, well-washed, dyed only with natural colors extracted from ancient plants and colorants, such as madame, reed, olive leaf or onion skin, cards and rows with spinning wheels. Exactly as before, using no machines or technology. It’s almost a miracle in the age of artificial intelligence. And the results are remarkable. Just look at some of the fabrics she creates and weaves. It’s hard to forget what she called simply “a pattern” originally consisted of an untouchable ivory chiffon she tried to ‘pair’, with a loom, a real ‘veil’. in cashmere, followed by a very light felt pad. , also made of very soft wool, all of which are characterized by a harmonious geometrical design that gives the overall a remarkable magic of transparency and nuance. Upstairs, the benches for young students who will learn to knit and knit, in an adjacent room, have large windows, large and antique wooden looms, where it brings life to life. for all works. In short, what he has created is also a small museum … “In fact – according to Michaela’s observation – it was a dream. My dream. When you fall in love with this art, you realize that you won’t stop learning.
The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. So I decided to take each object accumulated over the years of activity and expose it here, as if to showcase all that I have learned and I intend to share it with others. . To continue to develop and perfect yourself, thanks to daily discussions and in-depth research. “But this elegant South Tyrolean woman, who also studied at the Graziella Guidotti’s fireplaces in Florence and Paola Besana in Milan and held silkworm courses at the capital Tuscan University, ” she said. She has been trying to nurture this passion of hers throughout her life “thanks to the support of her husband, Giuseppe”. “In the end – she explained with a laugh – it was always the man I aim to advise said. Even on a single color is given a fabric. And I must say that he is hardly wrong. “It is” thanks to his interest and listening ability – assuring Michaela Pircher – that I have found the strength to embark on a new adventure, This extraordinary “(ANSA).



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