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A scientist on how marine conservation can support human rights

By the end of my university studies, I was working on the human impact on coral reefs on Bonaire, a small island in the Caribbean. I graduated from marine biology and conservation first at my university and decided to pursue graduate studies the following year.

I was honestly an ecologist, and I was detached from any kind of social science at the time. I admit that I have blamed humans for ignorance for everything that goes wrong in the oceans, and I started to become a marine scientist to protect the seas and oceans.

However, in my employer, I have been challenged to think more holistically about the oceans and their dependent communities. For the first time, I focused more on the community and less on the fish.

I am aware of how the degradation of marine resources negatively affects coastal communities in the development of districts, threatening their livelihoods and food security. As I learned about human rights violations and labor violations are rampant in the fishing industry, I cannot ignore social equity issue and the current inequality in marine conservation for much longer.

I quickly became a marine scientist who also wanted to protect people.



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