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A simple tip for making tofu more flavorful

Very simple advice: Drain the water tofu, put in a sealed box, then put in the freezer overnight. The next morning, take it out and let it thaw on the rack so the excess water can drain (they say thawing will take about four hours). When it defrosts, you’ll be able to squeeze more water out. It’s important to note that the tofu will change color in the freezer – but that’s okay, and it should return to a more normal color when defrosted.

“This method creates ice crystals in the tofu, which turn into bags when you defrost. The end result is a super-porous tofu cube,” explained Pope and Pook in the caption section of the post. their videos. “Then the tofu absorbs more of the sauce – gives it more flavor – and it also creates a chewy texture that we love.”

After it’s thawed, you can either slice or slice the tofu – depending on what you’re making – and then let it marinate as you normally would. Then, So Vegan recommends sprinkling the pieces with some cornstarch or other starches to keep it crispy when cooked. Then, reduce the rest of your sauce to make a sauce, and enjoy your perfect little tofu.



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