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A vegetarian association asked if animal biscuits were banned?

The fake news claims that The Vegan Society has requested a ban on animal-shaped foods as it makes humans feel superior compared to the animal kingdom.

April 16, 2021

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Animal crunchy biscuits Can arouse violence against animals. At least that seems to be what The Vegan Society says, an association of British vegetarians that according to some French media has asked to ban these snacks.

That is false news spread locally and Mexican media say that vegan societies demand a ban on foods of an animal form because, in their view, they make people feel superior to the animal kingdom.

However, one French news agency proved it was fake news and The Vegan Society’s claims were taken out of context. Bertrand Chameroy of the European 1st chain explained that 3 years ago, a spokesperson regretted the image that animal biscuits were for children, but did not ask to ban them.

A real change

While this information was false, in August 2018 the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) convinced Nabisco to change his Animal Crackers box of animal crackers.

The famous cakes made in Great Britain in the 19th century show animals in a zoo, but from now on they are seen walking across a steppe.



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