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‘A win is won for and by everyone’ – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New Yorkers down the street on Tuesday after Derek Chauvin was found guilty for all counts in the death of George Floyd.

Hundreds of people have gathered before Barclays Center, and other pop-up celebrations broke out across the city. While many call the verdict justice, activists say the war is not over.

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“This only happened because of frenetic struggle,” Bronx resident Sasha Murphy told CBS2.

“This is a win won for and by everyone,” said West New York resident Monica Cruz.

For many people have gathered Solidarity Square, victory doesn’t end here. They said this was their moment of hope and they were fighting to keep it from being their last.

A protester said: “Justice, it seems to be a legend up to this point.

Leaders from the Black Lives Matter of Greater New York and other activists have smashed the pavement for years and say more work remains to be done.

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“It will not reassure us. We demand justice, we demand a wholesale change, ”said Isaiah Fenichel, organizer of Strategy for Black Lives. “Because of the fact that tomorrow it could be someone else.”

“We’ll keep going until we bring it to Eric Garners and Breonna Taylors… Sean Bell, a lot has not been done tonight. This night is for them, ” Father Al Sharpton, with National Action Network.


In Brooklyn, hundreds of people flocked to the streets to celebrate in the same place they protested last summer. Some said they felt justified.

“That is a contrast. I was here around this time last year. So for the same subject, and it’s the complete opposite right now, ”said Don Brody, Greenpoint resident.

The overwhelming tune was a melancholy relief.

“It’s hard for me to celebrate, because I know how much work is left and what needs to be done,” said Jumaane Williams public supporter.

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NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea has tweeted that justice has been served. Police said there were no arrests related to the rally, property damage or injury to the officers.



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