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A young woman kidnapped and killed in Kyrgyzstan – The Diplomat

The kidnapping was captured on a closed camera. On April 5, a woman crossed Bishkek Road on a rainy spring day when a man, his red Honda, leaned on the side of the road. She tried to glance at him but he took her hand. As she began to struggle, two other men entered the frame. But they are not there to interfere; instead, they help the man pull the struggling woman toward the car. The woman was pushed into a car when another pedestrian crossed the street, umbrella in hand, and the car continued on the road.

On April 7The vehicle was found in a field in the Chui region. A shepherd saw it stuck in the mud on April 5 but arrived almost two days later. Inside is the body of a woman – Aizada Kanatbekova, 26 – who was strangled, and the body of a man, Zamirbek Tenizbayev, died of seemingly self-inflicted stab wounds.

Protesters outside the Ministry of the Interior in Bishkek on April 8 demanded resignation and took responsibility; They urged the police to finally take action against an illegal act from 2013 but continued to happen: Ala kachuu, “kidnapping the bride”. However, this name does not carry out criminal justice. The women kidnapped are not brides; they were kidnapped for forced marriage and sometimes killed in the process.

20 years old in 2018 Burulai Turdaaly Kyzy. She was stabbed to death in the police station by a man who twice kidnapped her. A mural has been painted at the medical collage where she studied, but without context, it was simply a beautiful portrait.

A core complaint among protesters is that the authorities have not learned any lessons from the Burulai Turdaaly Kyzy tragedy.

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The head of the Bishkek police station, Bakyt Matmusaev, condolences to the family and friends of Kanatbekova, as well as Prime Minister Ulugbek Maripov, who has promised an investigation. Protesters shouted “embarrassed” as he left.

Kanatbekova’s kidnapping was recorded on video and her family reported to the police. On April 6, 24kg reported A close relative complained that the police had not taken steps to find her. And more April 8, a high-ranking Bishkek police officer said their administration contacted Tenizbayev on the day of the kidnapping. They called on his cell phone to ask him to enter the house but he said that he and Kanatbekova were dating and wanted to get married. Then he hung up. Kanatbekova is said to have called her mother and said she was going home soon, but never came nor did she call back.

Write about this problem for EurasianetAyzirek Imanaliyeva concluded by quoting a comment posted under the video about the kidnapping on Instagram:

“Why isn’t she resisting?” One person wrote in a comment with a smiley face. “I hope it’s a happy ending. It can be said that these guys are her acquaintances. The police can know where they are and who they are. Let’s wait for the good news ”.

While many other comments disparage the kidnapping, the fact that one could watch without seeing Kanatbekova was trying to pull her arm out, trying to stop the three men from pulling her into the car, was disgusting. disgusting.

One of the accomplices is believed to have been detained.

In ParliamentMP Aisuluu Mamashova of the Ata Meken faction said that outside the walls of parliament, she did not feel safe. She complained, “We are always busy with politics, when are we going to deal with the economics and security of citizenship?”

“[Kanatbekova] was stolen, like something, and killed. And how many people were beaten and raped? How long will this last? “

Another congressman, Zhanar Akayev, commenting on top authorities committed to solving problems under their personal control, saying, “The problem now is what are you or the president in personal control? One person is killed,” he said. the other was killed. We’ll talk for a few weeks and forget everything. ”Akayev said there should be“ long-term ideological work ”and proposed a bill.

In 2019, United Nations Development Program estimates that about 14% of Kyrgyzstan women under 24 years of age have been married through some form of coercion. The defenders of this practice call it “tradition”.

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Kadyr Malikov, a Kyrgyz theologian, defined Ala kachuu as “kidnapping a girl and forcing her to marry” in a Facebook posted and criticized this practice as a “great sin and a serious crime.” He went on to write that the solution to the problem was not just more severe punishment, but education and a change of mind.



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