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ABBC Trade promises exciting offers including 300% BUSD rewards – Press Releases

Dubai, UAE, 11/24/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

The ABBC Foundation has unveiled its latest trading platform ABBC trading on November 1, 2022. ABBC Trade allows users to earn 300% BUSD rewards within 365 days, which can be withdrawn every seven days Aladdin Pro wallet.

Users can trade ABBC coins from a minimum of BUSD 100 and a maximum of BUSD 1000 per month. Once users reach a maximum limit, they have to wait at least a month before they can trade more ABBC coins. ABBC Trade portal also has a fascinating attribute where users can invite their friends or family to open an account with a referral code. With this referral credit, users can receive 7% BUSD of the invitee’s trade amount as an instant referral reward.

Another compelling detail is that the ABBC team is on track to launch a bonanza event every month, and one lucky winner with an active ABBC trading plan can win an exciting bonus. This bonus includes a chance to double the amount traded in the winner’s plan.

The ABBC trading portal also relies on a secure transaction and users are required to undergo KYC verification to subscribe to a plan with the trading portal. A scanned copy of the user’s passport or government-issued photo ID must be submitted, along with a selfie with the passport or photo ID in one hand and a piece of paper with the current date and the words “#ABBCCoin” in the other hand.

Aiming to provide the most user-friendly experience, the ABBC Trade platform ensures a fast, efficient and secure trading portal that allows users to track all the BUSD rewards they have earned. Users can instantly claim these earned rewards at any time.

The ABBC team strives to create an always supportive ABBC community with the latest technological advances and user-attractive projects in the blockchain and crypto space. Users can get the latest updates on ABBC projects by following their social media platforms and Telegram channel. ABBC also has a support team available at for inquiries

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