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Action Party Sardinia, 100 years of struggle for autonomy – Chronicles

“The first secular peasant party, especially in central and southern Italy”. This is how Antonio Gramsci defines the Sardinian Action Party, a 100-year-old political organization. A party supporting Sardinia’s autonomy was formally born on April 17, 1921, about three months after the Communist Party (January 21, 1921).

At the old convent of the Oristano Bandits, the day before, on April 16, the fourth Congress of the ‘Sardinians’ opens: the squad was born at the initiative of several former warriors of World War I, who were famous among the heroes of the Sassari Brigade ‘(on March 16, 1919 Camillo Bellieni founded the weekly’ La Voce dei Combattenti ‘in Sassari with Arnaldo Satta- Branca) and here, Bellieni proposed four programmatic points for the creation of a new party: universal sovereignty; administrative autonomy; free trade; Social Issues. His proposal was approved and on 17 April 1921 the Sardinian Action Party was formally born with the leadership of Camillo Bellieni. Among the founders, although more doubts about the form of the party being attributed to the new political force, are Emilio Lussu, Davide Cova and later, also a number of women including Ignazia and Marianna Bussalai. The second person, the female poet, a scholar, scholar Marx and descendant of Giovanni Maria Angioj, aristocrat rebelled against the Savoy, was one of the first to support the cause of women’s liberation on the island. .

But fascism, in Sardinia, declared war on the Sardinian Action Party and suppressed it in 1926. The newspaper supported it: ‘Il Solco’, directed by Anselmo Contu, was the subject of attacks. Cagliari’s office was burned by a fascist group. Many of its supporters, including Lussu, continued to become involved in politics even in secrecy, while other Sardinians decided to join PNF. After the fall of Mussolini, the party re-established itself and in 1944 convened its first Congress. Lussu continued to pursue Sardinia’s autonomism and never “breakaway”, but grew closer and closer, especially after living in exile in Lipari with the Rosselli brothers, whom he founded ” Giustizia e Libertà “, for a socialist cause.

In fact, in 1948, he left the party to form the Sardinian Socialist Action Party, which would later merge into PSI. But PSd’A, thanks to its Statutes, the result of the construction of the first four Games (which will go into effect until 1968), contributes to the special statute of Sardinia, and becomes the character. major in many local administrations and in various regional councils. Sometimes allied with DC, sometimes with the center.

In the 1970s, Psd’A took on a more leftist connotation and began to cooperate specifically with the PCI. He then gave the privilege of autonomy of the island, and in 1984, in the regional election, he won 13% of the vote in Sardinia. After joining several center-left coalitions, since 1999, PSd’A returned to independent voting. However, in 2006, secretary Giacomo Sanna made an election agreement with the Northern League as part of the Treaty on Autonomy, but this decision caused a heated and tense debate. party division.



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