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Adam Toledo Video of shooting released by Civil Office for police accountability as mayor, community leaders calling for calm – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) – Full-body camera video and other documents of police shooting and killing 13-year-old Adam Toledo were released on Thursday on the website of the Office of Civil Police Accountability.

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar watched a compilation of three videos of the shootings on Thursday afternoon and reported footage showing 21-year-old Adam and Ruben Roman standing on a street corner as several shots were shot early in the morning. March 29. Adam. can be seen wearing a white hat, and Roman wearing a brown coat.

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The two then ran past a church and into a nearby alley. Full-body camera footage shows an officer chasing Adam down an alley, telling the boy to show the officer his hand.

“Stop! Stop now! Hands up! Show me your hand!” The officer was heard.

Adam can then be seen stopping near a gap in the fence in the alley, with both hands on his side, his left shoulder facing the policeman.

As the video was slowed down, a frame of the footage appeared showing a gun in Adam’s hand just before he raised his hand and the policeman opened fire.

Full-body camera footage shows 13-year-old Adam Toledo turning toward a Chicago policeman seconds before the policeman shot him to death on March 29, 2021. (Source: Office of Accountability Civil Police)

The first time a gun was clearly seen in the officer’s body camera video was about 2 minutes 30 seconds after the officer shot Adam, when the officer shone his flashlight at a handgun on the ground, leaning into the fence next to Adam, on the other side of the alley.

How did that gun get behind the fence? That could be a key question in the COPA’s investigation into the shooting.

Surveillance camera video from a building near the alley appeared to show Adam’s hand on the other side of the fence from the alley just before he was shot.

A police officer shines a light on a gun that appears to have been thrown by Adam Toledo when he was shot. Toldeo is lying behind the broken left fence. (COPA)

Just a few seconds passed between the time when the policeman yelled for Adam to stop, asked him to reach out, Adam raised his hand and the officer shot him.

Chicago Sheriff Brendan Deenihan said only about a second passed between the moment Adam started turning toward the policeman and when the officer shot him.

After shooting Adam, the policeman can hear the radio for medical help.

“Where did you shoot people? Stay with me. Stay with me. Someone bring medical kit right now! F ***! I need a health kit. F *** ing wound from chest to upper chest. Hurry up! “Said the officer to a dispatcher.

Afterwards, the officer apparently tried to treat Adam’s wound and perform chest compressions when other officers arrived at the scene.

“Be awake, boy. Come on, smile, stay awake, ”said an officer as the officer shot Adam performing a chest compression.

After attempting CPR for a few minutes, the officer then walked away and started walking again when the other officers apparently tried to assist the boy.

A full body camera video of the second officer shows an officer chasing a man in a brown or brown coat, possibly Roman, as the last officer shoots Adam chasing the boy. After handcuffing the person, the officer walked over to where Adam was lying on the ground as the police tried to do CPR, one officer kept saying “stay alert.”

The police report identifies the cop who shot Adam Toledo as 34-year-old Eric Stillman who joined the force in 2015 and is assigned to District 10.

He has had nine reports of the use of force, but has never shot anyone until now.

Before the video was released, Mayor Lori Lightfoot joined a coalition of community leaders calling on Chicago to stay calm and “reserve the verdict until COPA completes its work.”

“I call on every resident to care and love this city, to wait until we hear all the facts,” she said. “We all must proceed with deep empathy and calmness, and importantly peace.”

On Thursday morning, Chicago Police stepped up patrols at the Roundabout to prepare in case any demonstrations turned violent.

Karina Ayala-Bermejo, president and chief executive officer of the Instituto del Progreso Latino and one of the community leaders who joined Lightfoot at the Town Hall press conference before the video was released, also requested that everyone The demonstration took place in peace.

“I call for peace. I call for justice. But I’m also calling for nonviolence, ”she said.

Lightfoot said she watched videos of Adam Toledo’s shooting dead, “and they were extremely hard to watch. Separate the last part. “

“Let yourself feel pain, anguish and shock to avoid becoming numb while watching,” she added.

Earlier on Thursday, the Lightfoot administration and the Toledo family attorneys also released a joint statement calling for calm as the city prepares for the video release.

“Both sides agree that all documents should be released, including a delayed compilation of the events that happened on March 29 that resulted in the tragic death of 13-year-old Adam. Toledo.

“We recognize that releasing this video is the first step in our family, community and city healing process. We understand that releasing this video will be extremely painful and emotional response to all video viewers, and we ask that everyone express themselves in a peaceful manner.

“The COPA investigation is going on as we seek to determine the full truth in this case. To that end, we call for full cooperation with COPA. We remain committed to working together towards reform. We ask for your continued respect Toledo Family privacy during this extremely painful and difficult time. “

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Toledo family watched a video of the teenager being shot dead by police while authorities assumed it was an armed encounter. in a small village early morning alley Monday, March 29.

At the request of the family, the COPA said on Tuesday it would not “immediately” release the body camera video to the public.

“The COPA remains sensitive to family grief and is working on this release under the City’s Video Distribution Policy,” the office said in a statement.

The COPA says police body camera videos, third-party videos, emergency transmission and data from gun detection tracking will be included in the release.

The attorneys from Weiss Ortiz, PC, representing the family, released a statement after the family followed up. They said that watching this video was “difficult and heartbreaking” for families:

“We met up with Adam Toledo’s parents tonight and representatives from the Civil Police Accountability Office to watch police camera video and other evidence regarding the police shooting and killing 13-year-old Adam. March 29. The experience was extremely difficult and heartbreaking for everyone present and especially for the Adam family.

“We want to thank COPA for giving the Toledo family the opportunity to review the full-body camera video and other evidence before the public release. We are continuing to conduct our own investigations, we seek justice for Adam and his family.

“We are meeting with representatives of the city of Chicago and will not comment on the details of the case at this time.

“However, we would like to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude to the grace and respect that the community, the Chicago government and the media have shown for their suffering. when they mourn the loss of their child. We ask that everyone continue to respect the privacy of the Toledo family during this difficult time.

“We also want to thank the leaders and members of the Latino community for maintaining peace in their protests and calls for justice. Adam’s memory can best be honored by controlling violence and working constructively for reform. “

At an unrelated event on Wednesday morning, Mayor Lori Lightfoot was asked that the family asked not to release the video immediately after they had watched it.

“This is a collection of difficult circumstances. First and foremost, we have a family that is still deeply grieving; a mother and father have lost their son, brothers and sisters have lost their brothers and grandparents, ”Lightfoot said. “So I want to respect the family, but I also think that things like police-participating shootings, especially in these cases, are important for us to be transparent. “

Lightfoot said the trial of former Minneapolis Police Derek Chauvin’s ongoing murder during George Floyd’s death was not “part of the calculation” in deciding when to release the video of the death. Adam Toledo.

“It’s about respecting and balancing the need for transparency with a grieving family having a hard time,” Lightfoot said.

At a Saturday hearing for Roman, the man who accompanied Adam Toledo at the time of the shooting, Prosecutors said Adam had a gun in his hand when an officer shot him dead.

Prosecutors said while Roman was the one who opened fire before police started chasing the two, Adam held it when he was shot dead by police at the time Roman was in custody.

On Thursday, however, a spokesman for the Cook County Attorney’s office said the prosecutor missed it.

“An attorney working in this office did not fully inform himself before speaking in court. No such flaws were possible and this has been resolved with the individual involved. Spokesman Sarah Sinovic said in an email.

Days after the shooting, we asked the family attorney about the possibility that Adam had a gun when the police shot him dead. Attorney Adeena Weiss Ortiz said such a development will surprise the family.

In the days immediately following the shooting, the police made no mention of the person they shot at 13 years old. Instead, that information was released three days later by the Cook County Medical Examiner.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker released a statement about the bodycam video released on Thursday.

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“As a father, I know at my core that the Adam Toledo family is living in their parents’ worst nightmare. My heart is directed to everyone who loves him, ”said Pritzker. “Parents deserve neighborhoods that will nurture their children. Children deserve to be safe. Communities deserve to live with hope for the future. Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old child, was shot dead. This is a time of our children’s appeal for justice and accountability in all of our public institutions. The State of Illinois is committed to doing this, whether it’s transforming our justice system or investing in communities to make lasting and sustainable progress. ”



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