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Aerie launches a REAL swimwear made of recycled nylon

Whether you’re planning to swim around, go snorkeling or just sunbathe in the backyard, Aerie’s new sustainable swimwear collection is sure to catch the eye. Made from recycled nylon, the EXCELLENT Swimming range offers comfortable swimsuits in vibrant colors and playful textures. The brand is in line with the most anticipated summer trends, like ruffled fabric and leopard motifs.

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New REAL GOOD swimwear collection using recycled nylon yarns It feels soft with a recycled rib for the lining of every product. However, this isn’t the brand’s first foray into sustainable swimwear; Last year, Aerie partnered with REPREVE to launch a swimwear collection made from more than 1.2 million recycled plastic bottles.

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the person in a black swimsuit and leopard headscarf

“As members of the apparel industry, we feel an increasing responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet,” Avery Gold said, Swimwear designer Aerie. “We want our designs to not only make you feel great about your body, but also about it carbon emissions. “

the person wearing a flowery, ruffled swimsuit, and a white and yellow striped shirt

You can be bold or subtle with these sustainable swimwear pieces. There is a sleek, black ribbed one-piece set with cuts and lanyards for drama, or a pink two-piece set with fringed and swaddling details. A paisley blue two-wire shirt that complements the pool water and has a high split bottom, a popular trend this season refers to a revival of other 90s styles. Stripes provide a comfortable back when swimming in hoops or leisurely drifting off the road.

people wearing a flowery swimsuit by the pool

Another popular product is the ruffled bandeau top, which comes in a variety of colors and patterns and features a bandeau body with ruffled straps for a playful feel. The collection also includes rash guardians. Two-piece items can be blended and combined to complement your unique style. Prices range from $ 19.95 to $ 59.95, and brands typically offer buy two get one free or other deals for extra discounts.

person wearing black swimsuit with tie details

Aerie’s EXCELLENT Swimming Collection is part of the brand’s larger goal to become more sustainable.

“We are committed to being neutral carbon in our own operations, including corporate offices, DC stores, and business trips by 2030, ” Aerie said on her website. “We are also working to reduce carbon emissions in our supply chain by 40% by 2030 and 60% by 2040.”

people wearing a blue striped swimsuit

In addition to swimsuits, Aerie also sells a RICE line of leggings, and we expect the offering to grow in the coming years. The brand has a number of sustainable partnerships, including A tree is planted, repr and The Better Cotton Initiative. While there’s always the possibility of innovation, it’s inspiring to see larger, well-known brands begin to take a more serious commitment to improving their ways of doing business for a better world.

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