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“After Georgia, the voting war shifted to Texas”


The battle over voting rules has moved to Texas, later Recent law in Georgia that leads to backlash from civil rights groups and several large corporations.

The Texas Legislature is working on a bill that will limit early voting hours, impose more restrictions on those providing voting assistance, control the number of voting machines at each site, and authorize Those who follow partisan polls record videos or photos of those who are voting, etc. the measures. The Texas House of Representatives is scheduled to begin hearings on the bill soon, which was passed by the Senate around 2 a.m. on April 1 in an 18-13 partisan vote.

Republican leaders said the omnibus election bill would improve election confidence and set uniform standards across the state’s 254 counties. Democrats have said voting will be more difficult, especially in urban areas and minority counties, and may allow voters to intimidate.

The bill, along with other bills submitted in Texas, comes as Republican lawmakers across the country propose new limits for mail-based voting and other election changes. Georgia emerged as a hot spot soon after the Republicans passed a bill along the party line in late March that added mail ballot identification requirements and limited ballot boxes.

Invoice paragraph has pushed the baseball League’s baseball team pulls This year’s All-Star game was from Atlanta and received opposition from companies including Delta airlines Inc. and Coca Cola Republican Governor Brian Kemp, who signed the bill, is called the critical party.

Texas law opponents are trying to build Georgia’s experience by promote large corporations come earlier to challenge the bill.



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