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Agreement is reached to legalize cannabis in New York – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) With a state budget deadline of just a few days left, officials reached an agreement on Wednesday to make it happen legal marijuana – a major priority given by Governor Andrew Cuomo at a press conference apparently designed to send a message to his detractors not to underestimate him.

They are still grading I’s and Crossing the T, but sources told CBS2’s Marcia Kramer that the lawmakers and Cuomo have reached an agreement to legalize the pot in New York.

The deal, expected to be voted on next week, is supposed to be legal to sell cannabis products for adult use and allow residents to have a limited number of cannabis plants in their homes. .

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The deal is also expected to benefit communities, who are marginally affected by harsh drug convictions laws and an emphasis on small businesses set up to sell cannabis products. .

It comes after a press conference in which the governor outlines his budget priorities – public safety reform, state rebuilding, rental assistance, nursing home reform and integration. legalized marijuana.

“We have passed the time when cannabis is legalized. It’s in New Jersey. It’s in Massachusetts, ”said Cuomo.

Cuomo also gave a message to dozens of state officials who said he couldn’t do his job while facing numerous investigations about crank sex and retreat.

“Obviously not,” he said.

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Cuomo said his detractors did not understand work.

“The essence of being governor is that there are always situations to be solved. The past four years we have had to deal with Donald Trump as president. Want to talk about a distraction? It’s a distraction, ”said Cuomo.

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But he ignored Kramer’s questions about whether he would support the Legislature calls for a $ 7 billion increase in taxes for the wealthy and corporations.

“I tried to convince them about all the issues we just discussed – $ 2.5 billion versus $ 7 billion, right? They tried to convince me the opposite way and it was a budget compromise, ”said Cuomo.

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The governor declined to answer questions about sexual harassment investigations. But for a man facing accusations of women working for him wearing heels and dressing in a certain style, there is a kind of face-to-face comment about the two female assistants accompanying him. him, Kelly Cummings and Molly Riley.

“Coincidentally, Kelly and Molly are wearing the same outfit today. I believe it is a coincidence. I know it was a coincidence. It’s not like any government regulation, ”said Cuomo.

Although he has acknowledged his obsession with budgeting on time, Cuomo said that probably won’t happen this year. He tried to blame Coronavirus pandemic. Others thought it might be related to his weakened political position.



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