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Alitalia: acceleration, record on the table Draghi – Economy

The government insisted on the gas pedal to try to quickly find a solution for Alitalia. The files are being placed on the table of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who in the afternoon met with relevant ministers at Palazzo Chigi to consider an increasingly serious dispute, with almost exhausted liquidity to the public. old company and new airline. Lower ground as soon as possible so as not to miss summer. The meeting at Palazzo Chigi, in addition to the Prime Minister, was attended by ministers participating in the game (economic development Giancarlo Giorgetti, sustainable infrastructure and mobility Enrico Giovannini, economist Danierle Franco and Labor Andrea Orlando), conversational, but certainly a signal of willpower to give a push to end the game ASAP. The government had to find a solution to ensure the economic disruption that the EU demanded many times to be able to green light the birth of Ita. Negotiations have been difficult and in recent days Brussels has made it clear that they are still waiting for more answers from the government on Alitalia. There are a number of issues that need to be addressed, from the perimeter of the company, to the loss of assets, staff, and positions. Another hurdle is branding, however, the government doesn’t seem to give up: “The government sees brand as an important element of the negotiation,” Giovannini said in recent days. One of the assumptions we come up with is the direct transfer of assets from the old company to the new one, but among possible options B also includes the idea of ​​leasing assets.


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