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Alitalia: ‘Ita only when there is profit or other solution’ – Economy

Alitalia’s “new company”, or Ita, “will be born if there is an opportunity to operate profitable, if not, I repeat, in my opinion we will have to imagine a number of other solutions, first of all urgently. “Said the minister. of economic development. Giancarlo Giorgetti In response to the hearing in the Chamber, it was pointed out that “Mise’s competence rests only with anomalous management, while Mef deals with the new carrier”.

“Negotiations are underway, they are also underway during these hours and days. The goal, as the Government fears, is to try to identify a new state carrier that knows how to play the role. in meeting the benefits on the one hand. the country of air transport, but also the country with the economic balance which is already very difficult under normal conditions, let alone at present, with the forecasts ” Traffic recovery “is not sure,” said Mr. Giorgetti. Furthermore, the Minister pointed out, “business travel may be affected by the new meeting protocol, there may be a displacement effect”.

As for “European differential treatment for Alitalia”, there is an official aspect, which is that “we start from a legal and legal condition that is unfortunate from other countries, Alitalia There are special controls, while the others don’t – Giorgetti explains -; the other carriers are also state-owned. And then “there is an important aspect in which we also quickly and closely verify the extent to which the soft drink is related to the pandemic’s impact on air transport, while the Other companies are granted the ability to finance “. “Just yesterday, there were two EU court rulings, on Finnair and Sas, that reaffirmed the legitimacy of these types of aid to operating companies. Paradoxically if Alitalia did it, it could be. billions, “he added.


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