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Allbirds create a plant-based skin type

Allbirds puts its best foot forward when it comes to sustainable footwear. Now, the company is going further with development plant skin. Made with rubber, vegetable oils and other natural ingredients, this skin substitute, aptly named Plant Skin, has 40 times less carbon impact than animal-derived skin. and 17 times less carbon impact than synthetic leather made from plastic.

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The leather industry is a huge pollutant. Many chemicals are used to treat leather and tanneries produce a lot waste. Flow from leather production negatively affects air and water quality. It also means killing animals to use their skin. While this was done in a more sustainable way, head-to-toe for thousands of years, today the skin manufacturing process is not environmentally friendly.

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Close-up of liquid ingredients on skin background

Allbirds hopes to provide the skin’s durability and attractive appearance without the harmful side effects of producing animal-derived skin. skin Goods. Plant skin is a new material produced by great technology from welding of natural fibers. For those who have been waiting for a non-petroleum skin substitute, this is a real miracle. It has no petroleum, polyurethane or synthetic binder.

rendering of various liquid materials

“Our partnership with NFW and intends to introduce Plant Skin based on Technology Says Joey Zwillinger, co-founder and co-CEO of Allbirds.

Light pink close-up, plant-based skin

Allbirds is a climate neutral B certified Group that focuses on combating the use of petroleum-derived materials in fashion. The company created a fiber made from eucalyptus and EVA foam made from sugarcane, both of which were open source recipes available to any other company to use.

Caucasian close-up made of plants

Plant skin has small and complete carbon emissions Biodegradation. The skin is also naturally pigmented. Allbirds plans to use Botanical Leather for new shoes that will be released in late 2021.

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