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Alvaro Soler, I sing “Magic” of Little Things – Music

Since 2015, Alvaro Soler has in turn withdrew from his helmet: El Mismo Sol, Sofia, Yo Contigo, Prison conmigo, La Cintura, conquered 20 platinum in Italy alone and totaled more than 4 billion global streams and more than 2 million times. The album is sold worldwide. Now let’s try again with the song Magia. A saying war machine has been shut down last year due to or due to a pandemic.

“For five years, I didn’t stop for a moment and I needed to reflect on what happened, be with my family and rediscover the illusion in music and that I have lost a little – ca Spanish-speaking musician and musician- German, connected from Berlin where he lives, in perfect Italian, one of six languages ​​he speaks – I want to experience new things and write not only about the hotel and the plane but also about other personal experiences I wanted to feel free, not make a catchphrase at all costs And I was more productive than ever: thought of about forty songs “. The work follows the flow of energy and sunshine featured in Soler’s works. “I want to give a signal of hope, because after a year of Covid you have two options: to go on with negativity or to look for magic in the little things around us and we have to can be seen, such as hugging our parents or a sunset Creation remains, even when there is a transformation Music spreads hope and helps us to maintain faith Magia is inspired by fans who are always asking me to release something, in such difficult times. “

Magia also titled for the artist’s new album to be released on July 9 and according to him, the album will be “very varied and rich, and another flavor to come after a few weeks. Perhaps He could see some collaborations with Italian artists, “he predicted but didn’t have, revealing more. Meanwhile, Magia is a candidate for the new summer soundtrack song, like its “big sisters”. “If it’s a catchphrase, I don’t decide it: people make their own catchphrases, they choose. A little anxiety is always there, but I’m calm to be myself: I go on with the style of I’m at 100%, not on trend. My music is always not too digital and very ‘acoustic’, with the instruments actually playing, to convey a sense of vibrancy. ” Here, the live event. It’s still largely frozen, at least in Italy. “In Germany there are picnic, outdoor concerts. In Spain, they’re heading a lot and that’s the country they play the most. In short, if you want to do that, you can do it. That. Music discriminates against sports from open stadiums? On planes, too, where you guys get stuck together. There are things that don’t make sense. “



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