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Amazon’s Bezos: ‘We Need a Better Job for Our Employees’ | Business and economic news

In his annual shareholder letter, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said he was uncomfortable that Amazon warehouse staff in Alabama voted to refuse to promote consolidation and said The company needs to do better by its employees.

As Jeff Bezos prepares to step down as CEO of Amazon.com Inc, founder of the online retail and cloud computing giant – and a frequent target of workers’ rights activists dynamic – creating a more employee-friendly character.

Inside of him annual letter to shareholders announced on Thursday, Bezos said he was uncomfortable with the results of a recent collective bargaining that saw Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama vote overwhelmingly against the match. Best.

“I think we need to do a better job for our employees,” writes Bezos. “While the voting results are inconsistent and our direct relationship with employees is strong, it is clear to me that we need a better vision of how we create value for our employees. employees – their vision for success. “

With more shoppers online and more people working remotely from home, Amazon and its shareholders reaped financial rewards. Amazon’s net income last year was $ 21.3 billion, Bezos noted in the letter.

But Amazon’s success comes at a high cost to its workers, according to many labor activists, who have criticized Amazon harshly in recent years for its treatment of warehouse workers in both the United States and the country. out.

Amazon is the second largest privately held company in the United States. Last week, workers at its perfection center in Bessemer, Alabama voted overwhelmingly against joining the Alliance for Retail, Wholesale and Department Stores (RWDSU) – a result that some learned. fake labor is likely to be detrimental to efforts to unite warehouse workers elsewhere in the US.

Out of about 3,200 votes, 1,798 votes against the consolidation, while only 738 votes in favor.

RWDSU has vowed to challenge the results, claiming Amazon illegally interfered with employees’ rights to participate in union activity – an accusation Amazon denies.

In his letter to shareholders, Bezos also dismissed reports that Amazon treated warehouse staff badly.

“When we surveyed the perfection center’s employees, 94% said they would recommend Amazon to a friend as a workplace,” he wrote, adding that the company had no “performance goals. reasonable”.

Even so, Bezos said he believes Amazon can do better and declares its ambition to turn the company into “Earth’s Best Employer and the Safest Workplace on Earth” – an extension in the company’s longstanding mission statement is “The Customer-Centered Company on Earth”.

Bezos, who currently ranks as the richest person in the world, plans to step down as chief executive this summer and move to a new position as executive chairman. He said he will be focusing all of his energy on his upcoming new role under his new employee-centered initiative.

“If we want to be Earth’s Best Employer, we shouldn’t let 94% of our employees say they want to recommend Amazon to a friend for the workplace,” he wrote. “We have to set a 100% goal.”



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