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American human rights ‘deteriorating’ in 2020: Amnesty International | Donald Trump News

The human rights situation in the United States worsens further in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic and President Donald Trump’s tenure exacerbate pre-existing rights concerns while the Black Lives Matter movement fights. Police brutality has revealed widespread racism, according to one new report on global human rights by Amnesty International released on Tuesday.

The report lists 15 areas of human rights of interest in the US, including illegal murder, LGBTQ rights, and the right to peaceful assembly.

Joanne Lin, Amnesty’s national advocacy director, told Al Jazeera: “Our history is built on the first Declaration of Human Rights and the First Amendment… securing the right to peaceful assembly, freedom of speech and freedom of expression ”.

“But as we have seen in our own country, those rights can be put in jeopardy and often under intense attack, especially in times of crisis.”

COVID-19 pressure

Complications of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cause of lockout, were reported, the report said job loss is common – and a “[i]Insufficient and uneven government response ”has“ disproportionate and discriminatory effects on many people based on their race, socioeconomic status and other characteristics. “

The pandemic also hits US detainees, who are of disproportionate color, “due to unsanitary conditions in prisons and detention places, where they cannot physically distance themselves. and inadequate access to sanitary supplies “.

Families and people concerned about the safety and health of prisoners during the COVID-19 outbreak demonstration outside the Washington state capital as efforts continue to slow the spread of the coronavirus, on November 11 April 2020 [File: Jason Redmond/Reuters]

Many prisons and prisons across the United States experienced severe flare-ups.

Some reduce their population to make space for detainees through early release programs at the start of a pandemic, such as Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County, California. These seem to lead to lower cases of COVID-19.

However, the systemic problems continued and many prisons and prisons slowed their program of releasing prisoners, according to the for the Prison Policy Initiative.

Most recently in January, a municipal prison in St Louis, Missouri held a COVID-positive pre-trial detainee for 14 days before authorities were notified, according to the report. the document was obtained by Al Jazeera.

Assembled and excessive force

The report focuses on 2020, the final year of President Donald Trump’s term. The Trump administration’s apparently bleak human rights record, both at home and abroad, worsened further in 2020, the report said.

Amnesty noted that at least 1,000 people were killed by police guns and public data showed that the murders disproportionately affected Blacks.

Black Lives Matter demonstrators march in St Paul, Minnesota, USA on March 19, 2021 [Nicholas Pfosi/Reuters]

Furthermore, the law enforcement agency commits to “dissemination and seriousness human rights violations oppose protesters of Black’s illegal killing and call for police reform ”during the summer revolts.

Amnesty “recorded 125 illegal police violence against protesters in 40 states and Washington DC, just between May 26 and June 5, ”the report said.

Discrimination based on country of origin, sex and gender

Members of the LGBTQ community also face ongoing hardships in the US, according to data released that year.

“Hatred crime based on sexual orientation or gender identity remains high for 2019 for the fifth year in a row. The report cites published data as saying that transgender women of color are specifically targeted for hate crimes and violent murder.

Challenges worsened as the Trump administration used “courts to further lift protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in education, military, employment and other sectors of the federal government, ”the report stated.

Demonstrators gathered in front of the White House on July 26, 2017 [File: Paul J Richards/AFP]

The Joe Biden administration has taken steps to get rid of the moves.

Biden reverse a Trump order banning most transgender people from serving in the military on Jan. 25.

The Pentagon announced last week that it will set new rules regarding transgender service members, ending restrictions from the Trump era.

Biden won November polls on the central platform, promising to cancel most of Trump’s policies, including those seen as a threat to refugee rights. asylum seekers and immigrants.

Trump has established a tough migration policy, facing near-constant criticism from human rights groups and his political opponents. The detention of migrant children in “cages” has caused special outrage.

Biden has faced criticism for what some consider Similar practices along the US-Mexico border. Unaccompanied immigrant children’s facilities once criticized by Democrats under Trump are now reopening amid migration, when the Biden administration began to process their asylum application.

“One of the highlights is how the government treats migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and those seeking humanitarian protection,” Lin said.

While the US has “started to process requests for unaccompanied children seeking protection at the border, the Biden administration has made it very clear that the border is closed to adults seeking asylum. accident and humanitarian protection. And that’s a terrible problem, ”she said.

Lin noted that the border closure “violates US obligations under it Convention on Refugees“And” pledge to provide due process and a fair day in court “, guaranteed by the US Constitution.

“So the current government has tried to fix some of the damage from the previous administration, but there are still a lot of things they need to do,” Lin concluded.



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