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Americans are now too poor, FEMA provides financial assistance for funeral expenses related to COVID-19: Economics

That title is sensational bullshit. Sudden deaths, funerals, and all direct and indirect expenses are expensive, even for a middle-class family with 25,000 AD&D coverage (sepsis and catastrophic excluded anyway Translate).

Even an upper-middle-class family could be tied up if death happened to one of the main income earners in the household. (My wife and I have 5 times annual income life insurance for this reason, although we have yet to break the income bracket above).

Unless you have an expensive medical condition, a disability, or are a frequent offender, death is often more expensive than living as an American family. Both for home and from a macroeconomic perspective.

What do you want? State funding incinerator? Life insurance was relatively cheap, except for preexisting acute illnesses such as cancer or other serious illnesses, unless either a genetic breakdown.

Educate people about how well life insurance makes sense, how well served that sector is by the private sector, and how you owe your family (if you have one) to come up with a policy that will do a lot. it is better to accept this. about FEMA help and turning it into a cultural war horse.

Or maybe even a discussion of re-examining the benefits of SS survivors, if you really wanted to put it in the land of a socialized central government, would be more constructive than The title is leading and expected with all the flair of a Abrams main battle tank.



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