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An essential oil blend for bedtime, from an aromatherapist

According to Cohen, lavender is definitely a good place to start, and when you combine it with a citrus blend, while at the same time feeling refreshing and relaxing, you’ve got a great blend before go to bed. “My favorite clean, fresh and soothing combinations are Lavender and Lavender,” she told mbg and added, “It’s known for its sedative effects, anxiety-reducing and calming properties helps your body relax into a good night’s sleep. “

She explained that one The main ingredient in lavender, called linalool, helps activates the soothing neurotransmitter GABA, helps calm your mind and body. Likewise, citrus oils like oranges Powerful mood-enhancing and stress-relieving effects That can help calm your mind for a good night’s sleep. “

If you are someone who loves more floral scents and / or you struggle with wake up in the nightCohen says you can also add 8 drops of geranium or geranium roses to the mix. “Geranium is a wonderful oil that helps alleviate nighttime waking,” she said, and it has been linked to Significantly reduces blood sugar.

Whether you add a few drops to your shower or tub, use it in a diffuser, or simply take a few drops of shower before bed, Cohen says this blend is her favorite when it comes to bedtime. it’s time to go to bed.



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