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An Invaluable Source for Healthy Living Nature’s Key Elixir for a Nutritious Lifestyle – IHUB Partner Press Releases

Tripolis, Greece, 09/18/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

The Mediterranean diet has recently made its way into the limelight not only for its ingredients, but also for the proven vitality it offers to its followers. After many surveys and demographical research, it was found that people who follow the Mediterranean-type diet – especially the elderly – were more likely to live longer than those who don’t. In fact, a recent Italian study of 12,000 people found that seniors who followed the Mediterranean diet lived longer than those following other diets. 

What does a Mediterranean consist of?

Common food types include leafy greens and other vegetables, nuts, fruits, and of course, olive oil.

Though it’s widely known that nature’s finest fruits, vegetables, and nuts are the healthiest sources for any healthy diet, there’s just something “extra” about Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) that changes the game entirely.

Olive oil, however, isn’t a new product or trend. People around the world have long been replacing their vegetable oils at home with this healthier alternative. What is new, however, is the study on the type of olive oil being used – more specifically, high-phenolic EVOO. Now, this isn’t just your average store-bought cooking oil, but a highly concentrated version to be consumed on the daily.

Of course, producers of this particular high-quality, organic, high-phenolic EVOO are few and far between. HYPERELEON is among these producers, offering high concentrations of pure, natural, high-phenolic EVOO originating from none other than the mountains of Greece itself.

But what about this ‘golden elixir’ is so beneficial? Is there any science to back it up? What makes Hypereleon the best product to use?

Numerous studies have shown that high-phenolic EVOO provides a long list of health benefits for the human body. Among these benefits are blood pressure and cholesterol regulation, immune system strengthening, digestive health support, anti-inflammatory abilities, and

cardiovascular benefits. The key compounds, called polyphenols, are the secret to the nutrition of EVOO.

What makes Hypereleon a key player in exposing people to these benefits, is their production methods. All olives are handpicked from the olive groves of Olympia Variety, where the ecosystem is carefully monitored and fertilised organically. Furthermore, they take great care in their processing to ensure that each batch is cold-pressed on the day of harvesting and carefully milled to preserve the phenolic content.

The result? An unfiltered, carefully-stored, preservative-free EVOO – and a high-phenolic one at that.

Hypereleon’s Rise to World Distinction

As with any wholesome product, a lot of research had to be done to fully ensure the integrity of Hypereleon’s products. There had to be a lot of proof in the pudding – or salad, if you will. And that’s exactly what Hypereleon has achieved. After an astonishing 46 international awards and numerous article appearances from the likes of Forbes, Deli Market News, Tornos News and more, Hypereleon is certainly making waves in the EVOO production industry.

What does this mean for existing or future nutrition-conscious participants?

When visiting the HYPERELEON website, it’s remarkably obvious just how passionate they are not only about the product itself, but of the process, the cultivation, nature, and the wellbeing of the individuals who consume the end result. The secret compound in almost all Mediterranean ingredients is polyphenols, which is what makes the diet so beneficial and nutritious.

HYPERELEON enriches the Mediterranean diet with its priceless polyphenol content, which makes it an excellent nutritional upgrade. And if you don’t like the Mediterranean diet but still want the nutrition from polyphenols, simply take Hypereleon separately.

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