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April 15 is still an important deadline for these taxpayers and home builders are increasingly confident in the housing market.

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And now, here are the top stories of the day about personal finance:

I’m about to retire at the age of 58. My fiancé is in debt and drives my old car, and I support her family. How can I make sure my son inherits my property after I die?

‘My concern is that if I get married, the savings I have go to her and then her children, ignoring my son.’ Read more

My wife offered to lend me money when I was in financial trouble. Now I generate six numbers – and she refuses to pay any bills

‘When I started a new job, and my wife got the money, she used part of her $ 200,000 inheritance to spend: a $ 50,000 truck and a $ 20,000 camping trailer la. ‘ Read more

Vaccination in the US is never expected to be perfect – or 100% protection from COVID-19.

Medical experts say Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca sagas, reports of vaccinated people infected with the virus and other risks are integrated throughout the process. Read more

America’s historic Black Beach communities today – are rich and are fighting to preserve their heritage

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were hundreds of communities mainly Black Beach and lakeside from sea to bright sea. But only a small number still exist today. Read more

My wife makes 200,000 dollars a year, but gives us 700 dollars a month, and 3,000 dollars to her brother and mom ‘to keep them good life’

‘My wife has given her mother a Power of Attorney for all her finances.’ Read more

April 15 is NOT a tax day – but it is still an important deadline for these taxpayers

Thursday, April 15, is not the deadline for this year’s federal income tax payment. The Internal Revenue Service pushed that date back to May 17. Read more

Mortgage rates fell for the second week in a row on concerns about inflation and vaccines

One economist noted that the positive signs related to the state of the economy did not cause interest rates to rise. Read more

Home builders are increasingly confident in the housing market – despite the rising prices of construction materials

Builders face challenges in home finishing, at a time when the housing market is desperate for more inventory. Read more

Five things pioneering this index want you to know about today’s investment challenges

Straightforward money and market behavior advice from Dimension Fund Advisor David Booth. Read more

Why is the Hyundai Santa Fe 2021 one of the best cars of the year

The Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy version has been upgraded to exude elegance and the Limited version is a great balance between the reasonable price and the desirable amenities. Read more



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