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April 25, Draghi: ‘Through Tasso, an iconic place, young people should visit it’ – Politics

Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, along with Culture Minister Dario Franceschini and accompanying museum president Antonio Parisella visited – ahead of his address on April 25 – three floors of the history of the Liberation in Tasso, in Rome. In particular, the prime minister saw the headquarters of German security and police; the cell where Giuliano Vassalli and Lieutenant Arrigo Paladini were held prisoners and where there is documentary evidence of prisoners held through Tasso and killed in Fosse Ardeatine and Forte Bravetta and those in the prison via Tasso. At the end of the visit, Draghi listens to the testimony of Modestino De Angelis, Gerardo De Angelis’ son was held captive through Tasso and then killed in Fosse Ardeatine and, after intervening, before leaving the museum, he would sign it. the book of the museum. honour.

“This is a site that represents our national memory. Via Tasso evokes, even in family memory, the horror of Nazi occupation, the brutality of dictatorship.” When the museums reopen, I hope that, with the necessary precautions, more people will have a chance to visit these rooms, to learn the stories of so many people fighting for freedom. has been tortured and killed here, in order to fully understand the meaning of their sacrifices, today we will not have the freedoms and rights we enjoy “speaking at Prize History Museum launch.

With President Draghi, who chose to commemorate April 25 at the Historical Liberation Museum in Via Tasso. A very powerful symbolic gesture and a valuable speech to remember April 25, ” the Minister of Culture wrote on twitter. Dario FranceschinI posted a photo of the Prime Minister’s speech. Mario Draghi, along with Franceschini and museum president Antonio Parisella, visited – before his address on April 25 – three floors of the Liberation History Museum in Tasso, in Rome.


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