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(by Patrizio Nissirio) (ANSA) – ROME, April 8 – GIUSEPPE CESARO – April 31. EVERYONE NEVER DEAD (La Nave di Teseo, pages 448, 19 euros) – Adolf Hitler committed suicide in the Berlin bunker on the day April 30, 1945.
Decades later, his followers continued to live his monstrous dream, which sparked a World War with tens of millions of deaths. Because of this, they called their organization ‘April 31,’ to symbolize his intention to continue building the Empire after Fuhrer’s death, restarting his delusional plans.
This is the starting point for April 31st. Evil never dies, ” a novel whose definition of ‘horror movies’ is limited, but without lack of tension and drama, until a dramatic end. A book that marks the return of the novel by Giuseppe Cesaro, has been the author of the outstanding work ‘Indifesa’ (2018), where, along with the opening of the plot, one enters an examination – often philosophy – about the seduction of evil, an attraction that seems invincible. Even in today’s world, where certain monsters appear and dangerous for democracy but also especially, for those who try to oppose it.
The story is set in Germany, revolving around Vera Stark, a journalist specializing in investigating new Nazi conspiracies, at the heart of which appears to be the bleak Villa Redemption, a nursing home turned into a tombstone. ‘municipality’, where about twenty thousand people were removed, and later in museums. Which officially wants to be a warning against Nazi nightmares, but conceals its true purpose. In fact, it was managed by Edna Schein, the daughter of Colonel SS Mäher, who was tried and executed for her crimes at the end of the war. An act that the old woman considered an injustice. Vera’s investigation became increasingly risky, as she gradually realized that nothing like her imagination.
Cesaro – especially in dialogue – admirably recounts the difficult conflict with an ideology that does not listen to reason but only obeys its own brutal logic. His prose, rich and refined, is filled with literary and philosophical quotations (but also cinematic and musical), historical underlining, and clearly defined characters. Ambiguities of the past – such as the large international industrial conglomerates quietly doing business with the Empire – are evoked to understand the lurking risks of the present. And in the study of why evil is often defeated but not undone, one of the novel’s main contemplations is achieved: “Because, unlike good, it learns from the good thing is not: it always makes the same mistakes and in the end, he lets his enemies survive; he never gives him the grace of the coup. ” And so the evil arose and continued to successfully deal with the most basic but very powerful instincts of the human soul: domination, killing, hatred.
An intriguing novel but also a warning before those temptations, very urgent and current. (HANDLING).


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