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ArcelorMittal, Orlando to Morselli: clarification of the layoffs – Economy

The government “urged” ArcelorMittal to try to calm the controversy and clarify the case of workers being fired for posting a Facebook post inviting a novel “Awaken my love” on health and consequences. the environment of the exhaust gas from a steel plant. Labor Minister Andrea Orlando held a telephone conversation with ArcelorMittal’s CEO, Lucia Morselli, yesterday afternoon, who requested information on measures affecting workers, a technician who assists a team is near the promotion level. would allow him to be the “cost controller” of steel mills. Morselli, the ministry’s chief executive officer, said, “was committed to providing details on this issue”. And in the evening, Arcelor Mittal Italia explained that he had provided the minister with the requested explanation of the dismissal in a telephone interview. A statement that Secretary Orlando probably disliked, so much so that Labor Department sources immediately countered by stating that the dispatch stating the disciplinary dispute was “no representation and no end of request. clarification. send to the company leaders ”.
Riccardo Cristello, 45, married, with two children, has been fired by ArcelorMittal for “righteousness”, unlike a colleague who was ‘forgiven’ after publicly apologizing, for his recent days. posted a screenshot on Facebook, which is seen as disdain for the company inviting sci-fi about the steel mill. “I – the worker explained – I only share one picture, because I share a hundred a day. They say I insulted the company, but they are just guesswork. I was hired on 12th of May. 7 years 2000 and after nearly 21 years at the factory that I deserve to be treated like that “.
The TV series aired on Canale 5 tells about the struggle of a mother (played by Sabrina Ferilli) who denounces the pollution of a steel mill, forcing her to take responsibility for causing the disease. Leukocytes attack her little daughter. Cristello submitted his suspension on March 31 and his dismissal application after 8 days. “They were against me – he pointed out – a published post on my personal page that I shared with my wife, whom only 400 of our friends can read.”
Cristello cannot understand what happened.
“I hope this fuss – he commented – will cause the company to re-find steps to clarify what happened and maybe fix everything. In case nothing goes wrong, go through. My attorney, I will ask to cancel the layoffs and reintegrate in the workplace. ”.
For Francesca Re David, secretary general of Fiom Cgil and Gianni Venturi, head of steel, ArcelorMittal’s decision was “unacceptable and bizarre”. According to deputy Dem Michele Bordo, the company “cannot trample the dignity of its employees.” Instead, Greens Angelo Bonelli’s national coordinator released a statement to the European Union, addressed to Didier Reynders, the European High Commissioner for Justice, Basic Rights and Citizenship. (HANDLING).


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