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Areas promoting orange, ‘we want to start over’ – Chronicles

Italy’s most orange, with at least five regions hoping to leave the red zone next Monday: led by Lombardy and Piedmont, followed by Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Tuscany. According to the weekly monitoring report to be released during these hours, in the best forecast, Italy is expected to achieve less tough measures against two thirds of the territory. However, to maintain the red color, it will almost certainly be Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Valle d’Aosta to which Sardinia may be added. However, some territories look further and based on the current number of cases – available to center-right governors – the Federation’s secretary, Matteo Salvini, calculated the yellow zone trend for at least six, between regions and autonomous provinces. : Veneto, Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo, Trento and Bolzano.

“Your mission is to reopen in the second half of April, if the data allows. You cannot be in a red for life,” explained Carroccio’s leader after meeting with the prime minister at Palazzo Chigi , and added: “Draghi, we’ve been talking about data: where it’s quiet, it’s the mission to start over. Draghi has shared that.” The prime minister later made it clear at the press conference that “asking for openings is normal: the best form of support for the economy is opening up, I am aware of this. I want to see in the coming weeks. Safe reopening starting from schools. The goal is one month of attendance. ”The key factor is not just the decline in infections.”There will be an instruction from Figliuolo “on vaccination of the sick “and then we will see how to insert with ministers immunization parameters of the type of risk among the parameters used to allow reopening, the Prime Minister added:” Apparently It is clear that for very advanced areas as many holes as possible it will be easier to reopen. “

And he is also thinking of “reopening fairs and events” plan to look forward to “the future in the coming weeks”. The prime minister, commenting on disputes in traders’ squares in recent days, condemned the violence (fights last Tuesday in Montecitorio inflicted injuries on two policemen, ed) but – he said clearly – “I understand the desperation of the protesters to be alienated.” According to estimates by the National Association of Gyms and Sports Workers, many owners The sports department decided to reopen despite the anti-Covid decrees and the figure would be 20% And in many different cities – from Cagliari to Naples, through Rome – protests from owners The restaurant, street vendors and legitimate gaming workers continued.

On the other hand, in some regions we are thinking about the next Italian holidays and concerts. The presidents of the two regions, Christian Solinas and Nello Musumeci, asked the Draghi government to “have the courage” to go beyond the proposed vaccination for the country’s smaller islands, focusing on Sardinia and Sicily. In this regard, Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia supported: “Greece has many islands and that is why this country is moving in that direction, we can do it. The problem is to create. the mechanisms for it to flow easily. To me the direction seems clear enough. ”On the cultural front, the Department and Regions are working to redefine the Plan on Open Protocols back to theaters, cinemas, museums and live performances Among the novelties, there may be an increase in audience numbers New material will be examined by CTS, to determine a series of color gauges are assigned to different territories.And the Vatican Museum has put in writing new rules for visitors: reservation required, punctuality during entry and exit. , wearing a mask, more than one meter away The administration warns: “Removal of persons who do not follow instructions from the Museum may be ordered”. “Due to a health emergency due to Covd infection -19, starting from Monday, May 3, 2021 and until otherwise specified, visits to the Vatican Museums and Gardens will be set according to the “criteria set to reopen.”



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