Home Environment Artist Hugo McCloud highlights waste with artwork made from plastic bags

Artist Hugo McCloud highlights waste with artwork made from plastic bags

Artist Hugo McCloud, known for using unusual media options such as aluminum sheets, tar paper, scrap metal and solder, spent his quarantine time in Mexico, piling up small pieces. together waste plastic bags. The result is an exhibition of 31 named works Burden, recently on display at the Sean Kelly Galleries in Hudson Yards, New York.

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A work of art is a statement against your environmental impact disposable plasticBut it is also a response to the difficulties of the human condition. The final pieces reflect the lives and stories of individuals potentially affected by the journey of a single plastic bag.

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Art depicts the man pushing a big cart full of trash
Abstract art with blue, green, orange and white splotches

“Traveling in India, I see polypropylene multicolored plastic McCloud explains from the companies that bought and used them to distribute their products, to the Dharavi slums scavengers. “The idea that these plastic bags will always exist – never biodegradable – amuse me, curious about the hands and the lives of the many people they will go through.”

A close-up of artwork made from the molten plastic bag garbage
depiction of banana man carrying banana on a bicycle

The artistic process eliminates the need for glue or paint, and instead relies on multiple layers of thin plastic bags. Results require planning, as the plastic is melted into the panel by heat from the iron. This kind of art cannot be repainted, so vision was clearly outlined from the start.

Art depicts people pulling plastic chairs on the lawn on a bicycle
Close-up art showcases legs made from pieces of plastic bags

The Burden The exhibition is aptly named, conveying a message about human hardship, with the struggle being conveyed through the postures of subjects who are seen transporting trash and products. The everyday chores portrayed in works speak of economic troubles around the world and the brutal honesty of absolute existence. For his third solo exhibition with the showroom, McCloud said the collection was, “about the idea of ​​someone who is burdened with life, trying to survive or make a living. I think in a way, everyone is burdened in their own way in life. “

depicting art of a bicycle
depiction of people pulling boxes on a bicycle

In addition to the topic of everyday challenges, McCloud focuses on the plight of migrants in the Mediterranean refugee crisis who make an arduous journey across the sea in hopes of escaping oppression and poverty. The works convey a need for hope and a chance to have a better life in another land. McCloud also includes a collage of flower arrangementA focused effort to bring brightness to a moment has brought a heavy cloud to all of us. The artist said he needs to “find a moment in each day for something that is in a sense still beautiful and still gentle”.

art hangs in the museum

Many of McCloud’s works can be seen at an exhibition at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Ridgefield, Connecticut in June 2021.


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