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Athletico Paranaense of Brazil buys COVID vaccine for fans | News about the pandemic coronavirus

The Brazilian football club said it plans to purchase vaccines for the players, officials and fans with paid membership.

Top Brazilian football club Athletico Paranaense said it wants to buy the COVID-19 vaccine and make it available to players, officials and fans as a paid membership for free.

Earlier this week, the Brazilian parliament passed legislation allowing private companies to buy vaccines and if it did, Athletico said it would buy them along with other businesses.

The Curitiba-based club, who won the 2018 Copa Sudamericana championship, said on Thursday that it will deliver the vaccine “to all staff, players, logistics and [members] the people are helping by paying their monthly dues during a pandemic, even though they are unable to go to the stadium “.

Athletico does not say how many members they have, but media reports have reported pre-pandemic numbers between 20,000 and 30,000.

Brazil was hit hard

The club’s monthly membership, similar to the European seasonal ticket, costs from 75 Brazilian real (13.5 USD) to 350 real (62.9 USD).

“Athletico invites all football related organizations to also do their part to help the country defeat the COVID-19 pandemic,” the club added in a statement.

Brazil has been hit hard by the pandemic with officials reporting a record daily death toll of 4,249 on Thursday.

More than 345,000 people have died from the virus in South America’s most populous country.

Brazil is leading the world in the average number of new daily deaths reported from coronavirus.

The World Health Organization acknowledges the country’s serious condition caused by the coronavirus, saying the country is in a very critical condition with an overloaded health care system.



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