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Award-winning school and community complex achieved the Net Zero Emission

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, King Open / Cambridge Street Community Complex and High School recently won the coveted title in the sustainable design category from the 2020 Boston Architectural Design Awards. the complex is the first in the state to achieve both Net Zero emissions and LEED v4 Platinum designated, and it uses 43% less energy than the average local school and 70% less energy than the average US school.

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Includes plenty of green and open spaces as well as five playground To accommodate K-5 and 6-8 students, the $ 159 million complex spans 270,000 square feet. Led by William Rawn Associates and Architecture with Arrowstreet, the project includes facilities for an elementary school, middle school, administration, preschool, after school, library, swimming pool, translation programs Human service and a garage.

Street view of a building with a curved roof made of wood and a windowed facade.

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“The project successfully makes use of a variety of sustainable tools and strategies: geothermal wells, large range of photovoltaic properties on all rooftop properties; Award jury Sustainable design award. “In addition to the great design of the design team, the City of Cambridge deserves credit for its investment in an ambitious project that sets the standards for future schools and libraries.” The project uses 100% electricity and welcomes both student and the public to help promote community relations.

A roof with wooden accents and a windowed facade next to a building with a red facade.

The buildings themselves are characterized by colorful ombre tones and large glass windows, while the roofs and facades are covered with 3,600 PV. Solar power panels. The library is comprised almost entirely of floor-to-ceiling glass and wood windows, and has more than an acre of open open space. In addition to solar panels, sustainable exterior features include sunshades, bio-bridges, and hand pump rain gardens. Inside, an exposed water reuse system is displayed for the student’s educational purposes, as well as daylight controls and heating / cooling components.

+ William Rawn Associates

+ Arrowstreet

Photography by Robert Benson



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