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Back to School with wilko [ad] – Beth Owen

This year has been a super strange year for all children, but it is time for schools to reopen for all their students. This September has been a somewhat stressful month when all three of my children moved to a new school, in a new location. This also meant buying a brand new uniform and stationery to help them.

Wilko has always been the store I visit or go online to find new stationery for the kids. Every year, and throughout the year, they always have a good range of products for the back-to-school season. I always found their products of great quality and very reasonable prices. Wilko currently has great in-store and online deals, ranging from half price and 3 get 2 offers to their stationery. Their products have great value and low price.

They have the most beautiful and unique collections for you to choose from. From colorful sticky notes and organizer boards, they’re a great range to add to your child’s back-to-school packages. The most interesting thing is that children choose their own pencil case, there are clear pencil cases, hard cases and patterned ones. With a wide range of options, we spent a lot of time trying to choose which one.

The pencil boxes were talking, the children then excitedly chose their permanent pens to go inside, they went to find different types of pens. Like me, they love to own a million and one pens. Wilko has a wide variety of branded pens to choose from such as Brillo, Papermate, etc.

Not only back in school, but wilko also has an array of arts and crafts perfect for activities on rainy weekends. Do some activities with the children, talk about the time of day, keep them entertained while still learning new things and most importantly, keep the connection between your child and yourself.

Back to School products

Wilko has a great range of back-to-school products, as noted above. From pencil cases, to lunch boxes, to pens and notebooks. We go mainly to buy pens and notebooks, as they already have a lot of bento boxes, but all of these we choose would make a great addition to their school bag.

The two pencil cases the girls choose are one Pizza Barrel pencil case and Mermaid pencil boxboth cost just £ 3 each, which is lovely for medium sized pencil cases. There is a beautiful range of different pencil cases to choose from.

To add to their pencil case, they went to choose different types of pens and pencils. Mia went for one Harry Potter stationery bag that’s just £ 2. All other products like:

30 packs of crayons for £ 1.75

Bic ballpoint pen for £ 0.75

Papermate pen in blue for £ 0.50

Handwritten Berol pen for £ 1.00

Zebra Rose Gold Pen for £ 0.75

Papermate Jiffy Gel Pen for £ 0.50

Wilko Pencils with Grips for £ 1.00

Newstalgia Wilko pen for £ 1.00

Product works

These are the products we used to keep busy weekends on a rainy day, and a few more for after-school activities. There are so many things to choose from, but I decided to choose the things we can do together and keep.

365 Magazine £ 3.00

This diary I think would be great to fill out every day after school or on the weekends. Kids can write what they did during the school day and we can also write and draw other things we did on the weekends. Seeing that school is not going back to normal, I think this is the perfect time to write what your school day will be like.

Storage box £ 3.00

I immediately fell in love with this storage box’s design, it’s super flashy and nothing can beat the storage box. At £ 3 it’s a bargain, great quality and our plan is to keep any school or artwork the kids make in the box.

Crayloa’s super washable felt tip 1.25 pounds

Nothing can beat the search for feel-washable tips that can really wash off. For an amazing price of £ 1.25 it is a must have. Felt tips are great for arts and crafts and perfect for magazines we’ll be keeping.

Spiderman 500 Stickers Book £ 2.00

This activity book will definitely keep my youngest brother busy on rainy days. Children completely paste. With over 500 stickers, we planned to use these stickers for scene on some white A4 card also purchased from wilko online, which is only £ 1.25 for a pack of 15 pieces.


As noted above, wilko has a lot of different collections for their laptops and stationery. Wilko has always been my go-to to buy some beautiful notebooks and my girls love their notebooks too. They chose a few different ones for themselves;

Chunky Tranquil Notebook for £ 3

A5 Premium Nostalgia Notebook for £ 4

Small jotter wilko for £ 1

Project Book Wilko for £ 2.50

These are all bits we have picked and purchased from wilko online. As always, the quality is great and the price is very affordable.

* Thank wilko very much for cooperating with us on this campaign.



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