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Become an Independent Betting Bookmaker Using Chipz Platform – Hub News Report

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Singapore, July 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire ) Gambling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. It is also regarded as a serious business too. This business has come a long way since medieval times when people bet on the winning gladiators during the Roman empire. However, such events would have not so “uncertain” outcomes as the owners of the gladiators could influence the games — an allegation that is commonly placed on most of the current betting sites.

So how do you cure the problem of sporting events being fixed and leaving bettors writhing in losses? Enter  Chipz ecosystem, a decentralized blockchain-based betting platform that allows users to bet and be their betting bookmakers. What’s more, Chipz is rolling out a public presale that will gift lucky users with 5k worth of NFT to be used on Chipz’s new NFT marketplace, the chipz.drive. It is also interesting to note that the Chipz platform allows users to stake their CHPZ.  This staked CHPZ is used as part of the liquidity pool. Users get 3% of their staked value (simply means that users can use CHPZ to make more CHPZ). This is an exception to betting or staking in a normal casino or sportsbook where bettors hope they can make 3% of their staked value. Sounds cool, right?

You’ve been in the backseat for too long; now, you have the chance of being on the front seat by creating and hosting betting rooms where other users can place their bets.  Here’s what Chipz is all about and how you can become an independent betting bookmaker on the platform.

Chipz for Bookmakers

Chipz is a web-based betting platform that allows users to gamble on any event within betting rooms hosted by others users. To participate, users must have enough CHPZ tokens — an ERC-20 token used to run the Chipz ecosystem — to pay for room creation fees.  Besides, a non-custodial wallet belonging to the user must also be linked to their Chipz account. The wallet guarantees payment for gas fees as well as the betting amount.

As emphasized by cofounder Justin Lally in a  recent podcast on Action and Ambition, Chipz’s main goal is to give equal opportunities to everyone wherever they are in the world by letting them create their sportsbook and invite their friends to place bets.

Therefore, Chipz will only serve as an intermediary for independent bookmakers by providing the platform and the UI required to facilitate a book. In exchange for this service, Chipz only requires the bookmakers to pay a small fee. A bookmaker can choose either of the following payment plans to create rooms on Chipz;

  • A 3-month plan worth $30 paid in CHPZ
  • A 6-month plan worth $45 paid in CHPZ
  • A 1-year plan worth $60 paid in CHPZ

The platform uses smart contracts to scan and report on events. The smart contract also distributes earnings after the events.  

The advantage of becoming a bookmaker is that a good attendance of bids enables you to set the fees and the maximum number of bidders. At the end of the event, you will always earn off fees as soon as the smart contract finalizes.

Joining Chipz as A Bookmaker

To become a bookmaker, follow the following host workflow as recommended by the platform design team.

Step 1: Register on the Chipz platform. The process involves choosing your ideal payment plan and linking your non-custodial wallet.

Step 2: Accept terms and conditions set by the system.

Step 3: Create your username and set a strong password.

Step 4: Open the panel on the Chipz interface to create a betting room and become a host.

Step 5: As a host, choose the sports you wish to have in your betting room.

Step 6: Set the closing time for accepting bets.

Step 7: Set the betting conditions.

Once the bookmaker sets the betting conditions, the bettors can select the betting room and wait for the event’s result. The smart contract executes as soon as the event match ends. The host will then collect his fees, and the prize pool is distributed to the winning bets by the smart contract.

The bettors can then rank the host. Once done, the bookmaker confirms the contract to execute his earnings, and the betting room closes.

From the steps outlined above, it is evident that becoming a bookmaker on Chipz is an easy process and one with the real potential of being profitable. The best part is that users can become bookmakers and bettors in different rooms created by other users.

Chipz developers claim that the platform will evolve to allow users to place bets on any future event, including the prices of crypto and eSports, taking the platform’s adoption to greater heights.

Follow Chipz on Twitter for announcements.

You can access CHPZ Public Presale here.


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