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Charisse Conanan Johnson is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and enrichment expert. As “The Real Rich Girl,” Charisse is passionate about helping others by providing the tools they need to live the life they want. She works as a Financial Strategist for SMEs and specializes in building strategic relationships and financial models to help entrepreneurs and individuals pursue wealth. She holds a BA in Economics and American Studies from Yale University and an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management from the University of Chicago – Booth Business School. Charisse is also the author of Rich girl: 7 steps to personal prosperity, peace and power, a book to help you live a rich life.

Today, Charisse joins me to share why you need control over your wealth and why you should define exactly what you want. She reveals the inspiration behind her new book and how the framework and tips in The Rich Girl can work for everyone. She shares how you can define wealth and why it’s not limited to tangible assets. We explore many of the misconceptions about wealth and seven steps you can take to live a ‘rich girl’ life. She also revealed how the ‘Sipping and Living’ Allocation strategy can work in wealth creation and how you can develop investment thinking.

“Wealth is not just about dollars and cents. We have much more than that. “- Charisse Conanan Johnson

Listen to the podcast below:

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Why is it important to take control of your wealth and determine what you want it to be
  • The inspiration behind Charisse’s new book
  • How you define wealth and why it’s not just about tangible assets
  • People have a misconception about wealth
  • Seven steps to living a rich girl life
  • Why can tight budgeting be counterproductive for wealth building?
  • Sipping & Living Allocation Strategy
  • How to develop investor thinking

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