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Ben Hania, Bellucci “an icon like a challenge” – Cinema

A young Syrian refugee in Lebanon, Sam Ali (Yahyaosystemni), to reunite in Brussels with the woman he loves (pushed to an arranged marriage), agrees, under a kind of pact with Faustian, to tattoo his back a famous and provocative tattoo artist, Jeffrey Godefroi (Koen De Bouw), a giant Schengen visa to be able to travel around Europe as a living work of art. One condition, however, rather than a means of finding one’s own freedom and self-control, as Sam had hoped, turned out quite the opposite. Here is the plot of the Half-Man, satirical / social play by Tunisian director Kaouther Ben Hania, in Venice that received the Horizons Award for Best Actor (to Yahyaosystemni, here was the first film in his life as a lawyer) and has entered the five Academy Award nominated titles of Best International Film (in Italy, the film will be distributed by Wanted Cinema). Among the translators was Monica Bellucci, as the owner of an art gallery without too much hesitation.

“Monica is an icon. I don’t know her, but I sent her the script and she immediately said yes, she watched my previous movie Beauty and dogs and her. She really liked that movie. It was great to work together, she wanted to always face different challenges, she was involved and suited to collaborate as much as possible with female directors – Kaouther Ben Hania explained during an online meeting held by the American Cinemateque – there was an alchemy immediately between them “.

The director was born in 1977, raised in a small Tunisian town, Sidi Bouzid (“she became famous because the many revolutions in Tunisia started from there,” she said), discovered the love of Her seventh art at the University of Tunis where she graduated from the Business School, “to please my parents”. Later, he studied film in both Tunisia and Paris, at Femis and the Sorbonne Nouvelle. After the short film and documentary, the filmmaker released his fantasy film with The Beauty and the Dogs (2017), about a woman, one night, after being restrained by several police officers. raped, struggled to seek help and justice. The film, after making its Cannes debut in the Uncertainty category, was chosen as Tunisia’s official Oscar nomination for international film, but it did not make the list of five.

“My movie revolves around the notion of justice and all the social and political relationships it associates – he emphasizes -. In Beauty and Dogs, this is what the protagonist is. I’m looking for, and in the Half-Blood Man Sam live in an unfair world in which he doesn’t really have freedom of choice. So, in Beauty and the dogs, the story does not focus too much on the rape first, the physical, I do not show, but in the second, cold Rather, it is run by organizations. Instead, in The Man of Leather, I show a different institution, the art world. ” The original idea “came to me at the Louvre, seeing in flashback of a Belgian artist, Wim Delvoye (who appeared in a cameo role in the film, edited), among the works are on display, a flesh-and-blood man with back tattoo – he explained – that image was no longer in my mind, it became an obsession, I wonder that man However, I don’t want to tell his true story, but exploit that idea in a fictional story.will give me the freedom to explore more topics, such as the subject of the refugee. accident “.

Writing the story “like a craze, I finished the first version of the script in five days”. For the filmmaker, the story in The Man of the Leather “is a story revolving around. The main character, who was initially taken from control of his life and body by war, is ultimately confronted. the face of the lack of which he is ultimately the victim. “



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