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Benjamin St. Juste Confident He Will Make An Influence, ‘I’m Sure The Picker’ – CBS New York

(Local CBS) – The 2021 NFL draft is only a few weeks away and among potential clients hoping to be named by the end of that week is the corner of the University of Minnesota Benjamin St.. Juste. His path so far has been different from when he started, growing up in Canada, he said that he was attracted to football because his father played but also because it was an unpopular path. Out.

“I actually started playing Pop Warner when I was nine years old when I moved to North Shore. I was in Montreal in the city and when we moved, I started playing soccer. My dad played soccer and basketball at a high level and I just asked him, what is your favorite sport? He said football like that, I just wanted to be people like pop music, ”St. Juste said in an interview with CBS Local’s Ryan Mayer. “Obviously from Canada, everyone is playing hockey including me. Playing soccer is an unpopular route and I want to become a kid who can come to Canada to play soccer instead of hockey, which is what attracted me to this sport ”.

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An uncommon road for that rare mix of size and speed in a corner position. Weighing 6’3 “and 202 pounds at its Professional Festival, St. Juste posted a 4.51 40 yard dash time and 4.00 shuttle drill bits and 6.63 time 3 cones.

Saint Juste recognized that agility as the basis for playing hockey as an adult and also for introducing him physically that he would also see on the football field.

St. “For me, hockey really helps me get agility, overtake, stop, brake quickly and agility,” Juste said. “That’s how I can come up with great numbers in short-term regional drills.”

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Combined with his length, that agility helped St. Juste earned his first scholarship to Michigan, then to Minnesota when he decided to move on to the Gophers program after the 2018 season. For a player from Canada, an area that was not on the 247Sports recruitment sites or Ordinary Rivals, it is not easy to receive such offers. But, while on campus, he was able to prove himself to belong.

In 15 games in the past two seasons with Gophers, he scored a total of 62 tackles, 1.5 losses and 11 tackles. And, in everyday practice, he’s compared to teammate Rashod Bateman, who is arguably among the top performers in this year’s class.

“It’s a blessing because most of the time, my matches with him, be it one on one, script, drills in Oklahoma, or whatever, we find each other for them. i know he is a WR1 and i am CB1. Iron grinds iron and we know we will get better, ”St. Juste said. “Most of the time, the matches against him were better than the matches I’ve seen in the game so when I came into the game I felt comfortable because I played against him all week in training. He was definitely better, I was better so it was mutual development and I am grateful for that.

That development brought St. Juste took a position at the Reese’s Senior Bowl earlier this year, which he said he was grateful for to join as it allowed him contact with the NFL coaching staff and program. He watched a strong performance at Minnesota’s Pro Day last week and is now heading towards the NFL. When researching to the next level, he points to three guys he specifically follows to learn nuances of the position.

“Really liked Jalen Ramsey’s physique and dynamism, especially because he’s the same type. I like Richard Sherman because he’s a student of the game, a very smart person who understands crime, ”St. Juste said. “And Marlon Humphrey, the running assistant, was not afraid when he appeared in a running game and went to take care of everyone. Those three, I try to look at them and their technique and style. “

Those stereotypes play an important role in what St. Juste said he would bring any team that called out his name on draft night.

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St. “They have a player who is competitive, tough, versatile,” Juste said. “I feel that what separates me from so many guys in the classroom is my flexibility. Not as many 6’3 “200 corners a few pounds can move like me. That can be played on all four special teams. That even plays a bit of safety in the Senior Bowl and can move around. I am a solid pick. Any team that picks me up, they shouldn’t say, ‘Oh, we don’t know about this or maybe he has this.’ “It’s a solid choice. Any team that chooses me, they get a caddy.”



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