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Best Female Enhancement Pills For Boosted Sex Drive And Enjoyment – Hub News Report

Sexual health has finally become something that people can openly talk about, and it’s no longer a taboo subject for conversations in the media: even the female sexual dysfunction is finally getting the necessary attention.

While certain prescription medications can solve sexual desire disorder, there might not always be the need.

In many cases, some lifestyle changes to reduce stress and take female libido boosters can be the solution to low sexual desire. 

And we’ve dug deep into the reviews and research to get you the best products to try out. 

Top 3 Female Enhancement Products

  1. Provestra – a safe and natural formula bringing you your pleasure back
  2. Hersolution Pills – helping rebalance hormones and ease PMT and menopause symptoms
  3. Vigorelle – offering the same sexual health benefits in the form of a water-based gel

Our Top Picks: 

1. Provestra

Out of all the female libido boosters we researched, Provestra had the most amount of satisfied women (pun fully intended) commenting online. 

What many of them highlighted was that while other libido boosters might improve the desire for sex, that didn’t always translate into more enjoyment during sex. 

And it all comes down to the fact that sexual arousal and orgasm intensity need to go hand in hand, and Provestra looks like it has solved that. 

The formula has also been designed to help women who have struggled with other symptoms of menopause, for example, vaginal dryness. This can be uncomfortable at best and downright painful at worst. 

We also noticed no reported side effects, with only a couple of women who reported they couldn’t take it because of a known allergy to one of the ingredients. 

And that’s down to the benefit that the formula uses only natural ingredients and no chemicals. The final result should be more regular sexual intercourse as well as a more intense orgasm.

On the downside, you would need to place a bulk order to get free shipping, but with the money-back guarantee, that’s not such a big deal. 


  • Positive comments about sexual sensation and satisfaction
  • Claims to boost sexual desire, especially for menopausal women
  • Uses only natural ingredients with no known side effects
  • Helps to solve problems with uncomfortable vaginal dryness


  • Free shipping is only available on 4-month supply bulk orders

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2. Hersolution Pills

Hersolution is another product that makes big claims that it doesn’t just boost sexual desire but also makes a big difference to sexual pleasure. 

Those are the key ingredients for better sex life, and one without the other simply doesn’t work. 

The makers also claim that they achieve this with natural ingredients that help rebalance hormone levels, which can help with all sorts of other issues from PMT to menopause. 

We found that women have mentioned that they also feel less stressed even with busy careers and family lives. 

Another issue that you should be able to solve with Hersolution is vaginal dryness, which some women have said is fixed within a couple of weeks. 

It’s often one of the most painful barriers that stops women from wanting more sex. 

And for those women that suffer irregular and heavy period cramping, especially during various stages of menopause, the herbal ingredients can also help reduce those painful cramps. 

The only real downside we noticed is that if you just want to order a month’s worth of a supply, then you will have to pay for shipping as only the larger bulk orders qualify for free shipping. 


  • All-natural ingredients aim to rebalance hormones
  • Many positive comments that it solves vaginal dryness problems
  • Some women have reported noticeable changes in under two weeks
  • Might also help to reduce period cramping


  • Buying single month supply works out expensive

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3. Vigorelle

The final one of our recommendations for the best female libido booster is a cleverly named Vigorelle. Unlike the others above, this is an instant arousal gel and not a pill.

And the online reviews from customers highlight that it does seem to trigger quite a fast response. 

We did have a reservation about it being a gel. One thing that turns many women off lubes is that they tend to be sticky and messy. But Vigorelle is water-based, which means it doesn’t leave that sticky feeling. 

The ingredients have also been carefully chosen not to cause side effects, but just give the label a quick check to ensure you don’t have any known reactions to any of the ingredients. 

Overall, it’s great to have a product option to give you faster results than supplement pills. But you would still need to put some planning into the timing of applying the gel to avoid ruining the moment. 

Some women have commented that they take the pills as a more long-term solution and add some Vigorelle for more instant results and much more intense orgasms. 


  • Works very fast to give women a feeling of sexual desire
  • Seems to be a good solution for problems with a dry vagina
  • It’s not sticky or messy like regular lubes
  • Water-based gel uses only natural ingredients for heightened sensations


  • It takes a bit more planning to get the timing of using the gel right

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Why Should Women Consider Taking Sexual Enhancement Pills? 

While the female body is complex, there are three main reasons why women choose to try natural female sex pills. 

  • Dealing With Physical Issues

Many things can impact sexual desire, but in many cases, a lack of libido is in some way related to a physical issue.

The cause may be stress, anxiety, or even discomfort during sex because of a lack of natural lubrication. 

Most of the above products will provide herbal ingredients that can help solve those underlying problems by gradually building up your body’s ability to deal with those issues. 

  • Helping Light A Spark After Menopause

Menopause affects women in many different ways. But low libido is almost always an issue during and after menopause. 

And because the whole process can take many years, it can end up disruptive for personal relationships. 

Some of the products we recommend above are designed not just to improve sexual appetite but also to deal with other menopause-related issues in a natural way. 

And finally, there’s the infamous hormonal problem. Anything from work and family stress to a particularly bad run of heavy periods can put a serious strain on how your body produces hormones. 

Not only is that bad for your sex life, but it results in mood swings and even mental health issues. 

Fortunately, there are many natural herbs and minerals that can support your body to rebalance hormone levels without the need for medicated drugs. 


Do female libido enhancers have side effects?

No, most female libido enhancers based on natural herbs and minerals don’t have side effects. But you always have to check the label for ingredients that you might be allergic to, as you don’t want to trade improved sexual desire for an upset stomach or a rash. 

When should women take female libido supplements?

Women should take female libido supplements if they have found a lack of sex drive for a longer period of time. These products don’t solve issues overnight, but by taking a few pills over a month or two, your body will gradually build up a stronger response to enjoy sex again. 

Have You Placed An Order For One Of Our Best Female Libido Enhancers?

Our top recommendation is to try out Provestra since it seems to have it all, according to the claims of so many women who have tried it.
Also, try to avoid those instant female arousal pills you see advertised. Those types of pills promise more than they can deliver. 

It’s also important not to be ashamed of any sexual dysfunction you might be dealing with, but all the above products will ship discreetly. 

Getting your female sexual desire back to what it once was can be as easy as taking natural herbs and minerals, so place your order today with the benefit of a money-back guarantee that gives you a risk-free trial. 

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