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Best stocks to buy now? 4 cyclical stocks to consider

April 17, 2021

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Are these the best cyclical stocks to buy in the coming week?

While investors think which stocks to invest in right now, cycle stocks can think of. After all, as most seasoned investors know, cycles often follow the flow of the economy. On the expansion side, while the economy recovers amid accelerated immunization efforts and stimulus aid, cyclical reserves could follow. While we were talking on the topic of stimulus support, CNBC reported on news regarding the potential for additional stimulus to be implemented. Specifically, 21 Democratic senators recently sent a letter to President Joe Biden urging him to include periodic direct payments and automatic unemployment insurance renewal in economic plans. current ones. Without a doubt, all of this will drive investors towards Top cycle stocks on stock market The current.

However, the top names in the industry like Disney (NYSE: DIS) and Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) will be noticed now. To be sure, both of their core businesses may have been hit hard by the onslaught of the pandemic. However, the duo is likely to see business growth in a post-pandemic world, based on their travel. In fact, the shares of both companies continue to rise to new heights right now. After reading here, you may want to add a few cycle stocks to your portfolio this week. If you are, here are four names to look out for stock market today.

Top cyclical stocks to watch out for April 2021

General Electric

Our starting point was General Electric (GE). For starters, the company’s core operations have firmly positioned GE stock as a cyclical economic opening game. This may be the case when GE has parts in the aerospace, energy and manufacturing markets among other markets. For the most part, all of these will benefit from the economic recovery. Not to mention, President Joe Biden’s recent $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan could also help GE’s businesses grow on a large scale. All of this will help explain why GE shares are currently seeing a gain of more than 110% in the past year. Can this uptrend continue?

Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

Yes, if so, the company has put a lot of effort in innovating and streamlining its operations. Just last month, GE signed an agreement with the world’s largest aircraft rental company AerCap (NYSE: AER). Through this major deal, GE merged the funding arm of GE Capital Aviation Services with AerCap. As a result, GE has collected $ 24 billion in cash, helping to reduce its current debt.

On top of that, GE’s healthcare research arm is currently developing COVID-19 detection technology for mobile devices. Through April 8 announcement, it was revealed that GE Research has been awarded a 24-month grant from the National Institutes of Health. All things considered, GE appears to be hitting high speed. Do you consider GE stock worth watching because of this?

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Another top cyclical stock to watch for now will be the Boeing Company. For the uninitiated, Boeing is the largest aerospace company in the world and also a leading manufacturer of commercial jets. Through its operations, Boeing supports commercial and government customers in over 150 countries. For investors looking to bet on the post-pandemic tourism boom, the BA stock will make for a solid game of pick and shovel. Currently, the company’s shares are still trading below pre-pandemic levels. Now might be the time to invest in it? Investors can lean in to agree with Boeing’s latest announcements.

best cycle stocks (BA shares)
Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

Earlier this week, the company released sales figures for its aircraft. Overall, demand for Boeing’s flagship aircraft appears to be growing. In particular, the company’s March jet sales outperformed the number of flights for the second consecutive month. In terms of total orders for the quarter, Boeing is on track to deliver nearly 200 of its top 737 Max planes to customers. Notably, 100 of them were sold to Southwest Airlines.

Furthermore, Boeing recently predicted that the diversified and global funding would provide sufficient capital for the aviation finance sector in the future. While the company appears to be gearing up for post-pandemic operations, will you add BA stock to your watchlist?

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Carnival Cruise Line

Following that, another cycle group to track is now cruise ship stocks. Among the top names in the yacht industry will be the Carnival Cruise Line. In short, it is one of the largest travel route operators globally. Like most other companies in the yachting business, Carnival eagerly awaits the time when the cruise ship can return to sea. Admittedly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see consumers and investors alike. On the one hand, the demand for the Carnival’s services has been suppressed. This was evident when the company’s cumulative 2022 pre-orders exceeded their pre-pandemic levels. On the other hand, investors continue to hunt for CCL shares, which have risen more than 30% year-to-date.

top cycle stocks (CCL shares)
Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

Moreover, Carnival continues to strengthen its services to welcome the wave of tourists. Just this week, the company announced a new package upgrade and additional tours in Greece. First, Carnival’s Holland America Line has announced a new ‘Have It All’ premium package for customers. The lucrative package includes shore excursions, specialty dining and other premium rewards at one base cruise ticket price.

Second, the company’s AIDA Cruises division is currently offering new tours in Greece from May to October. Not only improving the Carnival’s operations, but Carnival is also in discussion with the COVID-19 response group. of the White House on resuming sails. With all of this, will you watch CCL stock?

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Uber Technologies Inc.

Topping our list today is Uber Technologies Inc. While many companies have been hit by the pandemic, some have been hit hard like Uber. Indeed, the world’s largest ride-hailing company was in a dire straits when consumers stopped going out. However, more than a year later, the general sentiment among investors on Uber has improved significantly. Accordingly, this will happen as consumers feel more comfortable leaving their homes, thanks to the widespread vaccine rollout. If that’s not enough, the company will also be able to leverage its large investments in food delivery in the future. Such things have kept Uber afloat during the current pandemic. Can UBER stock have more room to run for all of this?

cycle stocks (UBER shares)
Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

Well, we can get a clearer picture from its recent announcements. First, Uber’s mobility division seems to be gaining momentum. On Monday, the company’s ride-hailing business announced its best month since March 2020 in terms of total bookings. At the same time, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi also mentioned that Uber is looking to enter the cannabis delivery market. In an interview with CNBC on Monday, Khosrowshahi said, “When the road is clear for cannabis when the federal law goes into effect, we’ll look at it completely.“To conclude, can we look at the exciting start to UBER stock? You tell me.



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