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Biden announced steps to limit US ‘ghost’ guns, plans to tackle offensive weapons According to Reuters


© Reuters. US President Biden holds a White House event to announce an effort to curb gun violence in Washington


By Steve Holland and Jeff Mason

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Joe Biden and his Attorney General Merrick Garland announced restrictive measures to tackle gun violence in the United States on Thursday in what the White House describes as the first step to curb mass shootings, community bloodshed and suicides.

The new measures include plans for the Justice Department to wipe out self-assembled “ghost guns” and build “stabilizers” – which can effectively turn pistols into rifles – must be registered as Taoist National Gun Law.

Biden said he would ask the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Guns and Explosives to publish an annual report on gun trafficking in the United States and make it easier for states to pass “red flag” laws that flag those individuals at risk of possession of firearms. .

Biden also outlined more ambitious goals he needs Congress’s support to fulfill, including re-enacting a ban on offensive weapons, lifting waivers from lawsuits against homes. produced guns and passed national red flag laws.

Executive orders released on Thursday are not legislative. The White House promises more action.

“Today we are taking steps to face not only a gun crisis but a real public health crisis,” Biden said, speaking at the Rose Garden in front of a full audience. Victim family members of gun violence.

He recorded another mass shootings in South Carolina this week.

“This is an epidemic, for God’s sake, and it has to stop,” Biden said.

Advocates of limited guns welcomed these measures.

Peter Ambler, chief executive officer of Giffords, a gun violence prevention group, said: “This is a collection of meaningful actions that commend Biden for promising to do more. “Some of the most important words he uttered were: this is just the beginning.”

Biden, a Democrat with a long history of advocating gun restrictions, has come under pressure to step up in action following recent mass shootings in Colorado and Georgia.

Biden announced the measures alongside Vice Presidents Kamala Harris and Merrick Garland, whom Biden said would prioritize gun violence as head of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

“We have had more tragedy than we can bear,” Harris said. “People on either side of the aisle want action …. So all that’s left is the will and courage to act.”

DOJ will issue a proposed rule on ghost guns within 30 days and proposed rules for brace stabilization within 60 days.

Garland said the department will also reconsider its analysis of crime cases and investigations to try to learn more about modern gun trade patterns.

Gun control has been a subject of political divisibility in the United States, which has experienced a number of deadly shootings at schools and other public venues over the decades.

The National Rifle Association, which advocates for gun rights, has criticized the measures. “The proposals Biden announced today could require law-abiding citizens to hand over legal property and allow states to extend the foreclosure order,” it said in a statement.

Most Americans support strengthening US gun laws. Majority in favor of expanding background checks and keeping guns away from mentally ill, Reuters polls and others show https://www.reuters.com/article/us-florida-shooting- anniversary-poll / americans-support-gun-control -but-doubt-legislator-will-act-fix-ipsos-probe-idUSKCN1PX11I.

However, a series of gun control measures have failed Congress.

“Prayer enough. Time for some action,” Biden said on Thursday, asking Congress to pass a proposed bill requiring background checks at gun shows and online.

The second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects arms rights and state efforts to limit who can buy guns or how they can carry them have been protested by gun advocacy groups. court.

“Everything that is being proposed today fits perfectly with the Second Amendment,” Biden said. “And there is a broad consensus behind the need to act.”



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