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Biden is committed to halving US greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

President Joe Biden will pledge to cut at least US greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, according to a report on Tuesday. It is an oath predictions of climate policy watchers and one of those backers sees as a vital reflection of the US commitment when the White House convened a virtual Earth Day summit for 40 world leaders.

The 2030 Voluntary Commitment, known as the Nationally Defined Contribution (NDC), and as part of a tightly bound Paris climate treaty of global efforts, has been knowledgeable by three people. on White House plans to report to The Associated Press. The Washington Post reported a similar confirmation.

The 50% target will nearly double the country’s previous commitment. It also makes it possible the United States can meet its net zero net emissions mission by 2050, a popular curb from the Biden administration that made climate change combat a job for the first 100 days. policy proposals.

More than 400 businesses signed an open letter Biden requires a 2030 commitment. Those businesses, including Apple
Google Parent Alphabet

and other major consumer and technology companies, employing more than 7 million US workers across all 50 states, account for more than $ 4 trillion in annual revenue.

“It will send a message that the United States is back in the game,” said Helen Mountford, the Trump administration’s vice president for climate and economics at the World Resources Institute. Paris agreement. upcoming conference.

At the virtual event to be held April 22 to 23 – a meeting considered the precursor to the COP26 climate negotiations hosted by the United Nations in Glasgow, Scotland, in November – The Biden administration intends to encourage efforts by major economies around the world “to reduce emissions during this critical decade to keep the warming limit of 1.5 degrees C (2.7 degrees F). in handle. “

The European Union and the UK have submitted a new NDCS. But other major economies, including Japan, South Korea, Canada and China, have yet to come up with the NDC 2030 in line with their long-term emissions targets. By submitting U.S. goals, Biden could gain additional leverage to persuade their leadership.

Biden and Democrats enjoy a narrow advantage in Congress as they make infrastructure and other means for energy.

and climate policy. Republicans have expressed concern over costs, impact traditional jobs in the energy sector and conflicting signs from China and other major emitters that they are doing enough to clean the air.

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Biden can also use executive commands to advance their climate agenda, as he did in bringing America back to the Paris accord.

UN reports indicate that without more drastic 2030 targets, most major economies moving is not fast enough to meet net zero commitments to 2050 that have dominated political foundations ever since.



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