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Biennale Architettura, cozy space – Art

VENICE – Imagine “spaces where we can live generously together”. Not an easy question in the pandemic era, where “together” is hard to remember. But this is the challenge of Venice Biennale’s next Architecture Exhibition, which will be open to the public, in the presence of strict security procedures and constant anti-congestion surveillance, from May 22 to next November 21, at Giardini, in Arsenale and Forte Marghera. An exhibition with the prophetic title, “How will we live together”, led by Hashim Sarkis, was conceived before Covid, and delayed for a year from the scheduled date of 2020 due to viruses, to address problems such as – Sarkis recalls – “the proliferation of climate crises, large population movements, worldwide political instability and racial inequality, society and economy increasingly “.

However, the global pandemic “has certainly made this question posed by this Architecture Biennale – he added – even more relevant and relevant, albeit somewhat ironic, with the imposed isolation. “. An open question, with the question of how to live together, is the architect’s role both a catalyst in relation to other realities and the “protector” of the contract? new space, which happened last year. it is even more urgent and has new meanings. So much so that if some projects had to sit still in drawers, used interactively with the public, others gained strength or, like projects in open spaces, where architecture will dialogue with the visual arts, which can be read in a number of ways. “We ask this question to the architects – the curator emphasizes – because we are not satisfied with the answers given by politics today. In the context of Architecture Biennale, we are.” Ask the architects this question because we believe they are capable of giving more interesting answers than what has so far been offered by politics in many parts of the world ” . The expected delay in 2020 – “it’s not a lost year,” said Biennale president Roberto Cicutto – had served to sign up for an extremely extensive exhibit in the offer, both in terms of the number of participants and related events. and is shown on many media.

The international exhibition, held in five thematic zones, “stairs”, divided between Giardini and Arsenale, included 112 participants from 46 countries, with greater representation from Africa, Latin America and Asia, with equal representation of men and women. Part of the exhibition, also a specific project specific to the game, is set up in Forte Marghera with contributions from five international architects. There are 63 holding states, with four new entries: Grenada, Iraq, Uzbekistan and Republic of Azerbaijan. The Italian pavilion, supported by the Ministry of Culture, is in charge of Alessandro Melis. There will also be a range of entries – including an installation by artist Giuseppe Penone – a special project with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. About “collective-community” and “do-it-yourself” projects involving three exhibits, a collaboration with Biennale Danza, 17 mortgage events and encounters with architects and learners fake from all over the world. Also this year, for Cicutto, the preparation of the exhibition was “enveloped by an atmosphere of uncertainty”, but the exhibition opened up “with a deeper understanding of Biennale’s work as a mirror. of the contemporary world. is interpreted here. and is sometimes predicted by the suggestions of the curators and of the participants with their works “.



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