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Bikinis Alo x Frankies Collection of the 90s

BILLIONhe just got his inspiration from the 90s Bikinis Alo and Frankies Collection was officially phased out today, and it has me thoroughly amused. Here’s the 411: The collection includes eight different designs that can be purchased as a set or individually. Typical ’90s silhouettes (think: super high-cut crotch bottoms and bucket hats). While some of the high-cut bottoms look like you’re moving a bit away from your pubic or labia majora, the clothes are actually made of soft, silky swimwear. , stay in place and comfortable.

“This Alo x Frankies Bikinis collaboration is the perfect fusion of two similarly-themed brands at the forefront of bringing fashion trends to their respective categories — activewear and swimwear. According to Francesca Aiello, founder and creative director of Frankies Bikinis, in a press release, “In my eyes, Alo showcases the Southern California lifestyle in the same way that Frankies Bikinis highlights the California lifestyle in swimwear world.

What are you waiting for? This is just begging to be wear this summer with some Claire’s bling while thinking if you might just be fooled. Shop the Alo x Frankies Bikinis collection below.

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Hello x Frankies Bikinis Benji Top and Katarina Bottom Set – $195.00

I didn’t know a pastel blue and purple checkered swimsuit was what I needed until I saw this one. If you are looking for some boob support, then this top from the collection is probably your best bet as it has a guarantee. The bottom is cropped high and has bold coverage in the back (meaning: your butt is pretty much out there).

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