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Binar Academy guarantees seed funding to improve skills, recruit Indonesian talent

Binar Academy Co-founders: (L to R) Alamanda Shantika, Seto Lareno, Dita Aisyah

Binar Academy, an edutech startup based in Indonesia, raised seed capital in an agreement led by Singapore venture capital firm Teja Ventures.

Eduspaze, Indonesian Women’s Empowerment Fund, Savearth Foundation and several angel investors from Indonesia’s Angel Investment Network (ANGIN), also participated in this round.

The startup says it will use the new funds to accelerate the development of core technology and hire more educators.

Founded by former gojek executives Alamanda Shantika and Dita Aisyah, Binar Academy, which aims to equip high school and college students with the skills needed to succeed in the burgeoning digital economy.

The four-year-old company claims to have trained more than 8,000 students and put talent to work, leading to 80% revenue growth last year.

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“Over the past three years, we have continued to develop our core product – Binar Bootcamp – to meet the student’s learning experience and the market demand for digital talent. We are delighted to have the opportunity to expand our reach, educate more students and build a community of lifelong learners, ”says Shantika.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed Indonesian educational institutions, teachers, students and parents to adapt to online learning. However, we still need to renew the way the educational presentation is presented to create a more accessible and enjoyable learning experience. I believe the combination of enhanced learning experiences, technology and communities cultivated by Binar Academy will bring about just that, ”she added.

Based on International Bank, the skill set of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) graduates in Indonesia does not meet industry requirements, forecasting that by 2030 there will be a shortage of nine million skilled ICT workers. and selling skills.

This is why Binar Academy believes that developing new talents and enhancing the skills of existing ones for the digital economy is becoming more imperative in Indonesia.

In the previous one interview with e27Shantika has shared about his lifelong dream to become an educator.

“Like when I built a gojek team. I did more than just build a foundation; I’m building the people behind it, ”she emphasized.

Other prominent educational companies in Indonesia include Ruangguru, Duolingo, Zenius Education, Sekolahmu, etc.

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